Passive Summing Cable for AA Series Amplifiers (5.5mm Phoenix Connector)

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    The summing cable can be used to combine a stereo unbalanced signal into a mono unbalanced signal. The AA-YSUM features a 3' (1 m) cable with two Male RCA connectors, summed together via internal resistor network into a single three position Phoenix/Euro Style connector that will match input and output impedance of most audio equipment.

    The AA-YSUM cable is a basic solution to a common problem faced in the commercial install world every day. Often, there are not enough stereo summed inputs on a mixer amplifier for playback devices such as CD, DVD, tape players, or DSS receivers. However, in many cases there are additional mono mic/line inputs available on the mixer section.

    With the use of an active summing box or the AtlasIED AA-YSUM passive unbalanced summing cable, you can utilize the open inputs of the mixer to meet your installation requirements.

    • Uses 3 Resistor Network to Sum Stereo Audio Signals to Mono
    • Includes 2 Male RCA Connectors and 1 Three Pole Male "Phoenix" Style Connector

    Length 3' (1m)
    Connector Type 2 RCA and 1 Three Pole Euro
    Warranty Period 36 months from date of purchase

    AA-YSUM Datasheet (1 page) AA-YSUM Datasheet (1 page)