2 Input x 2 Output - Networkable DSP Device

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  • Network Ready
  • Onboard DSP
  • TUV
  • iOS Control
  • Android Control

    AtlasIED BlueBridge® networkable DSP devices are powerful and flexible tools offering mission critical solutions to satisfy the exact needs of any installation. Engineered to strict standards with the highest quality internal components, BlueBridge® devices provide pure clean audio, Ethernet connectivity for cost effective TCP/IP control and easy programmability. Intended for a variety of audio applications, BlueBridge DSP platforms are cost effective solutions for the most demanding applications including video conferencing, house of worship, presentation rooms, conference rooms, courtrooms, room combining, restaurants, multi-zone paging, background music, and many other sound reinforcement and AV applications.

    TSD-BB22 Sample System DesignThe BlueBridge® family of products feature open architecture, drag and drop software that makes them incredibly easy to use. Each model utilizes high quality THAT® microphone preamps and 24 Bit converters to obtain an ultra-low noise floor while still maintaining a smooth sound that satisfies the needs of demanding clients, with the flexibility and control a system designer requires. BlueBridge® models use a 40 Bit Floating Point DSP engine to prevent digital clipping that commonly occurs in other DSP products and to obtain maximum speed and power to process advanced algorithms in complex system designs. BlueBridge® DSP units can operate on any network while the optional control accessories require a PoE switch. BlueBridge® devices need to be connected to the network during set-up and if control is required but can be applied in many instances where network control is unnecessary or unavailable like live speech applications. When connected to a network, each BlueBridge® processor on the network will be auto recognized and controllable. BlueBridge® models provide many valuable processing tools including standard mixers, gain sharing auto-mixers, delays, equalizers, level controls, duckers, filters, and dozens of other processing capabilities.

    BluePanel ExampleBlueBridge® additionally works with the Atlas BluePanel software which enables the designer to create custom interfaces that can be accessed via a computer connected to the network. BluePanel can also be used to program wall controllers including the BB-TOUCH7 touch panel giving the user access to the system's functionality for volume control, source selection, room combining, or any other function the designer programs. This enables the end user to have some control over the system without having to access the BlueBridge® device directly preventing any unauthorized changes from happening within the device.

    AtlasIED offers pre-configured design templates that can be used as starting points for a variety of DSP applications. These design templates are available as part of Atlas' BlueBridge® training program which is available to active AtlasIED customers.

    • Drag and Drop Open Architecture
    • iOS and Android App Control
    • Mic or Line Selectable Inputs
    • Balanced High Gain Outputs
    • Signal Indicator LEDs
    • Ultra Low Noise Floor
    • High Quality Mic Preamp (THAT® Corp)
    • Ethernet Network Connectivity
    • 24dB Converters
    • 48kHz, 40 Bit Floating DSP Engine
    • External Power Supply (Included)

    Inputs 2
    Maximum Input Signal +20dBu
    Input Type Mic or Line, GUI Selectable
    Outputs 2
    Output Type Line
    Configuration Electronically Balanced Gain -40 to +15dB in 0.25dB Steps
    Polarity +/-, GUI Selectable
    Phantom Power 48V, GUI Enabled
    Output impedance 50Ω
    Frequency Response 20Hz - 20kHz
    Latency 5ms
    CMRR >100dB (50Hz-10khz)
    Distortion 0.002% (1kHz @ +4dBu)
    Width 4" (10.1cm)
    Depth 5.2" (13.21cm)
    Weight 6oz. (0.165kg)
    External Power Supply Safety and Certifications cUL, CE, RoHS, TUV
    Warranty Period 36 months from date of purchase

    BlueBridge Firmware v5.4.1 (TSD Units) BlueBridge Firmware v5.4.1 (TSD Units)
    TSD-BB22 2-Zone Masking Design TSD-BB22 2-Zone Masking Design
    TSD-BB22 2x2 Multi-Use Design TSD-BB22 2x2 Multi-Use Design
    TSD-BB22 Loudspeaker Manager W-Input Processing Design TSD-BB22 Loudspeaker Manager W-Input Processing Design
    TSD-BB22 Loudspeaker Manager Design TSD-BB22 Loudspeaker Manager Design
    TSD-BB Datasheet (3 pages) TSD-BB Datasheet (3 pages)
    BlueBridge Quick Start Guide (16 pages) BlueBridge Quick Start Guide (16 pages)