AtlasIED has a special introductory offer for all Authorized Dealers.

Until Dec 31st, the NEW Strategy III Ceiling Loudspeakers and Strategy II Ceiling Subwoofer are available at a special discount - while current supplies last.

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Four Models to Choose
The promotion includes the three (3) full-range Strategy III Series Models and also includes the Strategy II Ceiling Subwoofer.
Product Overview Video

Watch the video to learn how the Strategy III Series is the most innovative in-ceiling loudspeaker product available. They incorporate an innovative mount system, UL Plenum rating, easy installation, and high performance sound.

Learn more about the revolutionary mounting system

This video demonstrates the innovative install and removal mounting system.

The patent-pending mount is called Safety First Mounting System (SFMS)

A new mounting innovation is our Safety First Mounting System (SFMS). This technology prevents mounting tab damage caused by power drills over torquing the mounting tabs during the installation process. The SFMS eliminates the risk of breakage and the loudspeaker falling from the ceiling. The SFMS is the result of over 100 tested prototypes until the final design was approved.

The Results Are:

No Failling Loudspeakers
No Falling Loudspeakers
No Breaking Mounts
No Cracked Mounts
No Over-Torquing from Power Drills
No Over-Torquing from Power Drills
Excellent Speech Intelligibility
The loudspeaker drivers are engineered for accurate speech reinforcement and music reproduction. This ensures the audio source will be properly reproduced. The three models are tuned so you can ‘mix and match’ them within your installation and have a consistent sound characteristic.
UL Plenum Rated
All Strategy III Series loudspeakers are safety listed and meet UL1480 and UL2043 standards. They are certified for use in commercial and residential air-handling (true plenum) ceiling spaces. They meet UL standards for fire/heat tests and do not release visible smoke when installed in air-handling spaces.

UUMW Rated
They also meet the stringent UL standards for Fire Signaling and Emergency Communication Systems (UUMW - US Only). You can use the Strategy III Series as the chosen loudspeaker within a Fire Signaling and Emergency Communication System within the United States.
Optional Environment Treatment Coating
These optional all-new patented environmental coatings leverage the power of nanotechnology and protects loudspeakers for long-term reliability. The first technology protects against water intrusion and the second technology against dust buildup. Both environmental factors are main contributors to loudspeaker failure.
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