AtlasIED Shows New IED570 GLOBALCOM® Digital Communication Station at ISE 2020

Phoenix, AZ – Revolutionizing flight announcement systems in airports around the world, AtlasIED, a global manufacturer of comprehensive audio solutions for commercial AV and transportation industry environments, will show the new IED570C-H (Cobranet®) and 570D-H (Dante®) touch screen mic station at ISE 2020 at Stand #7-N190. 

The IED570 Digital Communication Station allows the global airport community to update their legacy button mic station to the newest, intuitive, high-definition touch screen.

Fully programmable via the touch screen, the IED570 mic station eliminates the need for airline personnel to use physical buttons to unlock codes to start the boarding sequence. Each sequence can be pre-programmed to begin automatically, and gate personnel can see a preview of the boarding process on the screen.

AtlasIED Solutions Utilized by World’s Largest Airlines

Some of the world’s largest airlines, including Delta™ Air Lines, Air Canada™, United Airlines™, and American Airlines™ use AtlasIED flight announcement systems to board efficiently and safely. The IED570 gives gate agents control of the pre-programmed sequences at the touch of a finger, along with superior audio intelligibility for enhanced customer service at the gate. 

IED570 Easily Retrofittable and Fully Configurable

The new IED570 mic station options include a desktop or flush-mount footprint, allowing immediate retrofitting of the existing IED528 series. Simply mount the IED570 directly to the 528 backbox. Along with the T112 Series, the new IED570 Digital Communication Station offers Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality with redundant Ethernet ports. A network-based appliance, each IED570 station can obtain an IP address automatically or be assigned a unique IP address, simplifying installation and configuration.

Equipped with an omnidirectional electret condenser microphone cartridge integrated with a mic preamp and an audio line driver, the IED570 offers the option of mounting the mic on the side or top of the unit. The microphone element location, in a teardrop-shaped molded black textured Cyclolac™ housing, provides the mechanism for good acoustical coupling, resulting in a full-bodied, highly intelligible voice signal. The omnidirectional element also eliminates the proximity effect to improve intelligibility and audio quality, eliminating the disruptive sounds that occur when a user attempts to speak too close to the microphone.

Part of AtlasIED’s GLOBALCOM® Series

Designed to initiate announcements, messages, and pages with the GLOBALCOM® Series Announcement Control Systems, the IED570 also includes an auxiliary line-level audio input to connect to a background music source, as well as a line level audio output, which can be used as an additional audio zone.

“With digital signage, phone charging stations, and enhanced security screening systems, today’s airports feature advanced technology at every turn – except at the boarding gate,” says John Goodrich, Director, Global Installed Systems at AtlasIED. “AtlasIED addresses the shortcomings of traditional, push-button mic stations at the airport gate with the new IED570C-H and IEDD-H touch screens. Offering superior sound quality and pre-programmed, automated boarding sequences via a high-definition touch screen, the IED570 promises to simplify the boarding process for gate personnel and change the way flyers hear boarding announcements for the better.”

Visit AtlasIED at ISE in stand #7-N190 to see its new IED570 GLOBALCOM® touch screen mic station and to learn more about AtlasIED’s wide range of mass communications systems. ISE attendees are also welcome to join AtlasIED at its booth for a reception on Wednesday, Feb. 12, from 16:00-18:00.