GLOBALCOM® 571 Mic Station

Dante 571 Mic Station
SKU: 571D
CobraNet 571 Mic Station
SKU: 571C

    The 571 (571D/571C) digital communication station is a programmable touchscreen device for initiating audio paging and messages with GLOBALCOM® Series Announcement Control Systems.

    The 571 is designed to be used with one of three mounting kits, the 571MK-DT for use on a desktop, the 571MK-S for surface mounting, and the 571MK-F for flush mounting. The 571MK-MRH and 571MK-HRV mud ring brackets are to be used with the 571MK-F for pre-construction installations.

    The 571 comes with a handheld microphone with magnet. A removable steel plate is included which hides the built-in microphone strain relief. An additional security screw is included as an option to further restrict access to the removable steel plate and the microphone connector. The 571 provides a redundant PoE connection that can be supplemented with an optional 24/48V DC auxiliary power connection for non-PoE switches. The included microphone includes an omnidirectional element eliminating the proximity effect which creates a boomy sound when a user speaks close. Combined with an internal beeper, the touchscreen guides the user through the process of making a page.

    Template screens for the 571 can be easily created with GCK for paging or triggering prerecorded messages. Other events can be triggered such as audio routing, visual alerts, as well as intercom requests. Access to the 571 can be restricted using a 4-digit PIN. Based upon PIN, different templates can be shown.

    The 571 is also designed for use with AtlasIED’s FAS (Flight Announcement System) GCK plugin. Using GCK with the FAS plugin, the 571 can load FAS template screens for boarding flights, checking flight status, updating flight status, and other general flight messages. Access to flight templates can be restricted by a combination of gate, airline, and/or PIN login.

    • Touchscreen
    • Dante® (571D) or CobraNet® (571C) Digital Audio
    • GCK Integration
    • Horizontal or Vertical Configuration
    • Redundant PoE
    • Handheld Microphone
    • 1x1 Line Level Analog I/O
    • Multiple Mounting Configurations (with 571MK-DT/571MK-F/571MK-S)

    Power IEEE 802.3af PoE
    Power Consumption 10W Max
    Size 7" LCD Screen
    Resolution 800x480 / 480x800
    Dimensions (HxWxD) 5.35" (135.8mm) x 9.68" (245.8mm) x 1.64" (41.7mm) - Horizontal Configuration

    571C/571D Data Sheet (8 pages) 571C/571D Data Sheet (8 pages)
    571 Paging Station Installation Manual (41 pages) 571 Paging Station Installation Manual (41 pages)
    571D(C) CAD Drawing 571D(C) CAD Drawing