8" Powered / Active Sound Masking Speaker

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  • UL Listed
  • CE
  • 70V100VCAPABLE

    The AtlasIED M1000A35 is a self-contained sound masking system that increases speech privacy and enhances workplace acoustics. An M1000A35 masking system is ideal for small to medium size installations.  Depending on the installation conditions and the speaker tap settings when the M1000A35 is paired with M1000 passive speakers, masking coverage can be over 12,000 sq. ft.  Consult with AtlasIED for system design assistance. The M1000A35 features a compact 12"x12"x6" enclosure utilizing an efficient wide range 8" speaker with a frequency response of 80Hz - 16kHz and is powered by an internal 5-Watt amplifier. The M1000A35 also features an additional 30-Watt amplifier output to drive other non-powered masking speakers such as the AtlasIED M1000, M1000R and the M2000 series. Separate amplifier level controls are incorporated to control the internal speaker and second amplifier output. Both amplifier channels produce an ideal speech privacy / sound masking spectrum by using a non-repeatable pink noise that can be contoured to the environment by utilizing the specialized variable filter. The M1000A35 features a VCA remote level control port that works with external 10k pots to allow for remote level adjustments. The optional AtlasIED ATMASKSC is specially designed to be used with the M1000A35. The ATMASKSC features remote 1dB precision level adjustments and will not allow the masking system to be accidentally turned off. The ATMASKSC is well suited to properly support commissioning a sound masking system.

    The M1000A35 is highly efficient, utilizing a Class D topology amplifier and is UL2043 plenum rated. The included power supply is an external in line UL rated 24VDC power supply. Installation is easy to do by utilizing a single suspension point mounting method. Included are two removable hanger brackets.

    • UL2043 Plenum Rated
    • Energy Efficient
    • Efficient Wide Range 8" Speaker
    • 5-Watt Class D Topology Amplifier to Power Internal Speaker
    • 30-Watt Amplifier External Output to Feed Additional Passive Speakers
    • Separate Internal Speaker & External Output Level Controls
    • Variable Hi-Cut Filter
    • External UL Rated 24VDC In-Line Power Supply
    • Remote Level Control GPIO Port
    • 2 Removable Hanger Handles for Suspended Mounting
    • Optional ATMASKSC Masking Commissioning Level Control

    System Type Self-Contained Active Sound Masking System
    Sensitivity 97dB Peak, 94dB Average
    70.7V Power Taps .25, .5, 1, 2 and 4
    Width 11 9/16" (29.37002 cm)
    Speaker 8" Full Range, Qty 1
    Amplifier Power Internal 5-Watts, External Amplifier Output 30-Watts (Max Load 166 Ohms)
    Masking Power Standalone 225 sq ft, 30W Secondary Output (see data sheet)
    Frequency Response 80Hz - 16kHz
    Masking Generator Contoured Pink Noise
    Level Control Qty 2; 1 x Internal Speaker, 1 x Extermal Amplifier Output
    Output Voltage 70.7V
    GPIO VCA Remote Level, 10V, 3-position Euro-Style
    PSU Included In-Line 100-240V Input, 24VDC 2.5A Output
    Dimensions (HxWxD) 5.67" x 11.61" x 11.61" (144mm x 295mm x 295mm)
    Weight 11.25lb (5.11kg)
    Safety Listed MA100035: UL2043, UL60065, CE; External Power Supply: UL, CE
    Warranty Period 36 months from date of purchase

    M1000A35 Owners Manual (12 pages) M1000A35 Owners Manual (12 pages)
    Call Center Single Zone Masking System (1 page) Call Center Single Zone Masking System (1 page)
    M1000A35 Data Sheet (7 pages) M1000A35 Data Sheet (7 pages)