GDS-4W™ On-Premise Server for up to 100 concurrent 4WPLAYER's

  • Software License Required
  • QoS Compatible
  • Network Ready

    The IED0591RU-S1 is a turnkey on-premise server incorporating enough processing power and hard drive storage to seamlessly operate a GDS-4W™ digital signage infrastructure.

    Powerful, two-socket entry rack server delivers outstanding performance, configuration flexibility, high availability and intuitive management in a short-height (1U), short-depth (24-inch) chassis.

    Designed for rack environments requiring peak two-socket performance, sizeable internal storage capacity and short chassis depth to overcome space constraints, the IED0591RU-S1 rack server is an excellent fit for high-performance computing (HPC), web tech and infrastructure scale-out. The IED0591RU-S1 also serves well for collaboration for GLOBALCOM.IP system implementation.

    Deliver peak performance

    Drive powerful performance across a wide range of workloads with the latest Intel® Xeon® processor family.

    Accelerate performance and grow memory capacity throughput with 12 DIMM slots and DDR4 memory. Boost I/O performance with up to 10 high-IOPS hard drives and two PCIe 3.0 I/O slots, driving 2x data throughput compared to previous generations.

    Maximize operational efficiency

    Accelerate time to production and drive better ROI by automating deployment with the integrated Remote Access Controller 8 (iDRAC8) with Lifecycle Controller. Save time for IT administrators with intuitive, automated tools for monitoring and updating servers. Control energy budgets with energy-efficient processors, memory, power supplies and Fresh Air 2.0 capability.

    Discover greater versatility

    Deploy powerful performance into space-constrained environments with short-height (1U), short-depth (24-inch) chassis. Harness data explosion with scalable internal storage capacity — up to 10 x 2.5" hard drives. Adapt flexibly to changing workload conditions with an expandable platform ready for virtualization and high-availability clustering.

    Innovative management with intelligent automation

    The systems management portfolio includes innovative solutions that simplify and automate essential server lifecycle management tasks — making IT operations more efficient and productive, reliable and cost effective. Leveraging the incomparable agent-free capabilities of the IED0591RU-S1embedded iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller technology, server deployment, configuration and updates are streamlined across the portfolio and through integration with third-party management solutions.

    Monitoring and control of data center hardware is provided with anytime, anywhere mobile access. IED0591RU-S1 now also delivers Server Configuration Management capabilities that automate server and OS deployments, quick and consistent replication of configurations and ensure compliance to a predefined baseline with automated drift detection.

    Operating System Windows Server 2012R2 Standard Edition
    Processor Intel Xeon E3-1220 v5 3.0GHz, 8M cache, 4C/4T, turbo (80W)
    Motherboard PowerEdge R230 Motherboard, v2
    Storage 1TB 7.2K RPM SATA 6Gbps 3.5in Cabled Hard Drive
    Display Type 8GB UDIMM, 2133MT/s, ECC
    Ethernet Connector On-Board LOM 1GBE Dual Port (BCM5720 GbE LOM)
    Rack Units 1 RU Rack Space
    Power Supply Single, Cabled Power Supply, 250W
    RAID H330 for SAS/SATA, Cabled Chassis
    RAID Controller PERC H330 Integrated
    Warranty Period 36 months from date of purchase