GDS-4W™ Server Options

GDS-4W™ On-Premise Server Options

GDS-4W™ Server - Cloud or On-Premise
GDS-4W™ Server can be either cloud or on-premise based depending on installation requirements. The cloud-based option allows content to be made available to users on demand via the Internet from the GDS-4W™ cloud server gateway. The other option is on-premise where the application is loaded onto a local server and does not require an internet connection for locations with enhanced LAN security. The local server used can be virtualized.
GDS4W in the cloud

Option 1

GDS-4W™ Content Manager and media assets on cloud hosted server

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GDS4W Hosted

Option 2

GDS-4W™ Content Manager and media assets hosted via on-site server

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GDS-4W™ On-Premise Server for up to 25 concurrent 4WPLAYER's


GDS-4W™ On-Premise Server for up to 100 concurrent 4WPLAYER's


GDS-4W™ On-Premise Server for more than 100 concurrent 4WPLAYER's


GDS-4W™ Cloud-Based Option
GDS4W Cloud Server
A cloud-based implementation provides many advantages such as no server maintenance, immediate system updates, and admin access from anywhere. To talk about a cloud implementation, contact us via the "Get a Quote" button below.

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