EN54-24 Certified 12" 2-Way Multipurpose Horn Speaker System 90° x 40°

  • EN54-24 Certified
  • IP33C Rated
  • 90°H x 40°V Coverage
  • 70V100VCAPABLE
  • Non-Powered

    The EN54-24 certified FS12TEN-94 is two-way, full-range loudspeaker system engineered to provide excellent voice and music reproduction in applications requiring weather resistance. It was designed to withstand exposure to environmental conditions and provide long-lasting reliability.

    It incorporates a 12" LF driver and 1" exit HF compression driver concentrically mounted to a high-directivity waveguide. It provides 90° x 40° coverage and is tuned for optimal source reproduction.

    The unit is constructed using molded linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), creating an incredibly strong yet lightweight enclosure.The unit includes a stainless steel U-bracket and fly-points allowing for easy mounting. Input is via an integrated 70.7V / 100V transformer with low insertion loss and full frequency response with power taps up to 400-watts including an 4Ω bypass. The transformer is discretely mounted under the rear cover for weather protection. The finish is neutral “battle ship grey” that is UV resistant and allows for years of durability.

    Learn more about the importance of protecting paging horns from low frequency damage and view the TSD-HF11 unit designed specifically to protect horns from low frequency damage.

    • All-Weather Construction Ensures Long-Term Reliability Through Varying Seasons
    • 400 Watts Power Handling
    • Constant Directivity Design Offers Controlled Coverage of 90º Horizontal by 40 º Vertical (2kHz Octave Band)
    • Driver Compliment Includes 12" Cast Frame Woofer with a Concentrically Mounted 1" Exit Compression Driver
    • Easy, Weather Resistant Connection via a Convenient Recessed Terminal Block Located on the Back of the Loudspeaker
    • Includes a Built-In, High Efficiency 400 Watt 70.7V Transformer
    • Four Eyebolt Inserts for Multiple Mounting Capabilities
    • Heavy Duty Mounting Bracket (Included) Allows for Easy Installation to Most Any Flat Surface
    • Easy Service Design Allows Transducers to be Serviced in the Field without Uninstalling the Enclosure from the Mount
    • EN54-24 Certified
    • ISO 7240-24 Certified

    Power Taps 400, 200, 100, 50 Watts & 4Ω bypass
    Sensitivity 86.5dB SPL
    MAX SPL 109dB SPL
    Frequency Response 80Hz - 17.6kHz
    Driver Type 1" HF and 12" LF
    Dispersion 90º H x 40º V
    Ingress protection IP33C (When Tilted ≥ 15° Downwards)
    Height 19.56" (49.78 cm)
    Width 18.5"(46.9 cm)
    Depth 18.5" (46.9 cm)
    Weight 48.00 lbs (21.77 kgs)
    Color Pantone 423 C - RAL 7045
    Warranty Period 60 months from date of purchase

    FS12T Install Sheet (4 pages) FS12T Install Sheet (4 pages)
    FS12TEN-94 Owner's Manual (12 pages) FS12TEN-94 Owner's Manual (12 pages)
    Declaration of Performance (DOP)_3008-EN  ISO 54-24-CE-Declartion_FS_CNBOP.pdf (2 pages) Declaration of Performance (DOP)_3008-EN ISO 54-24-CE-Declartion_FS_CNBOP.pdf (2 pages)
    FS Series CAD File FS Series CAD File
    FS12T-94 Revit Drawing FS12T-94 Revit Drawing
    FS12T-94 Datasheet (8 pages) FS12T-94 Datasheet (8 pages)