Paging Horn Crossover & Limiter

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  • Power Supply Sold Separately

    The TSD-HF11 is specifically designed use with paging horns in applications where band pass filter and power limiting are required. The TSD-HF11 has a 1 Input and 1 Output configuration and includes Input and Output trim controls, selectable Hi-Pass filter, and a variable limiter to prevent excess signal from entering the amplifier. The TSD-HF11 can be used with a variety of paging horns and amplifiers as its full feature set allows individualized customization based on system requirements.

    Unit requires Power Supply that is sold separately for proper function, multiple TSDs can be powered with one power supply based on current requirements.  This unit has a power requirement of 60mA so any of the available power supplies can be used with this unit. For multiple TSD applications use the TSD Power Calculator to determine the proper power supply needed.


    • Selectable Hi-Pass and Lo-Pass Filter
    • Balance and Unbalance Inputs
    • Input and Output Trim Controls
    • Variable Limiter
    • Security Covers Included for All Front Panel Controls
    • Output Signal, Peak & Limit Indicator LEDs
    • Removable Phoenix Style I/O Connectors
    • Power Supply Sold Separately
    • Optional Rack Mount Kit – TDS-RMK
    • Optional Half Rack Mount Kit – TDS-HRMK
    • Optional Rear Rack Mount Kit – TDS-RRMK

    Line Input Impedance 10kΩ
    Input Level 500mV (-6dB) Balanced
    Input Level 316mV (-10dB) Unbalanced
    THD .2% @ 1kHz
    Frequency Response 20Hz - 15kHz
    Hi Cut Filter 15kHz 18dB / Octave (Fixed)
    Low Cut Filter 200Hz, 300Hz, & 400Hz @ 18dB / Octave (Dip Switch Selectable)
    24VDC Power Requirements 60mA
    Height 1 1/2" (38mm)
    Width 4" (101mm)
    Depth 2 1/2" (63.5mm)
    Warranty Period 36 months from date of purchase

    TSD Series CAD Drawing TSD Series CAD Drawing
    TSD-HF11 Owners Manual (16 pages) TSD-HF11 Owners Manual (16 pages)
    TSD-HF11 Owners Manual (16 pages) TSD-HF11 Owners Manual (16 pages)
    TSD-HF11_App_1 (2 pages) TSD-HF11_App_1 (2 pages)
    TSD-HF11 (2 pages) TSD-HF11 (2 pages)
    TSD-HF11_App_3 (2 pages) TSD-HF11_App_3 (2 pages)
    TSD-HF11 Datasheet (3 pages) TSD-HF11 Datasheet (3 pages)