Indoor 2' x 2' Suspended Ceiling Mount Dante PoE IP Speaker

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  • PoE+ Enabled
  • Dante Network Enabled

    AtlasIED DA-22SYS is a 2' x 2' suspended ceiling mount IP PoE amplified loudspeaker featuring Audinate’s Dante digital audio transport platform.

    AtlasIED DA-22SYS speakers consist of a factory assembled speaker and baffle with PCB amplifier / control board. The DA-22SYS amplifier is capable of producing up to 15-watts RMS of amplification in single channel mode or up to 2 x 10-watts in dual channel mode with IEEE 802.3at compliant PoE switches and 10-watts single channel mode or 2 x 5-watts in dual channel mode with PoE power. Interconnection is via a top panel mounted female RJ-45 connector. All models are compatible with Audinate’s Dante™ digital audio transport platform.

    The DA-22SYS features user configurable amplifier modes, Input EQ, Level Control, and Masking with room tuning EQ. All controls are done via the AtlasIED IP Discovery and Control software. Through this software, the active IP speaker can be discovered on the network with the ability to custom name each speaker with a location tag for system management. The AtlasIED control software features an audible ping-me locator making it convenient to physically locate the speaker. System tuning can be done on an Individual speaker or by an assigned group.

    The DA-22SYS ships configured for single speaker use. It can also be configured to Dual mode to drive a second passive speaker of the same type. When the DA-22SYS amplifier is configured to Dual mode the amplifier power is split between the DA-22SYS and the 8-ohm passive speaker. The secondary speaker output shares the same factory EQ settings as the DA-22SYS. Amplifier levels can be adjusted separately.

    The DA-22SYS includes a top cable access plate that is easily removed for installation. The cover also completely conceals the Ethernet cable terminations.

    • Onboard DSP
    • Configured/controlled with AtlasIED Discover for DA Loudspeakers application
    • Extreme High Efficiency (96dB 1W/1m)
    • Wide Frequency Response of 70Hz - 15.5kHz ( 5dB) is Perfect for Speech and General Messaging Playback
    • 8" (203mm) Coaxial
    • Integrated PoE Amplifier
    • Secondary Amplifier Output for 8Ω Speaker

    Speaker Type Coaxial
    Speaker Size 8" LF, 1" HF
    Frequency Response 86Hz - 15.5kHz
    Dispersion 105˚ (2kHz Octave Band, -6dB Points)
    Sensitivity 98dB SPL Average
    Power Rating (PoE - IEEE 802.3AF) Single channel mode: 10W Max, Two channel mode: 5W Max plus 5W @ 8 Ohm Paralleled Output
    Power Rating (PoE+ - IEEE 802.3AT) Single channel mode: 15W Max, Two channel mode: 10W Max plus 10W @ 8 Ohm Paralleled Output
    THD <0.02%
    Connector Type RJ-45
    Height 23.68" (601mm)
    Width 24.10" (612mm)
    Depth 5.06" (129mm)
    Weight 15.12 lbs (6.86kg)
    Shipping Weight 20.91 lbs (9.48kg)
    Safety Listed ETL Listed to Comply with 62368-1, CSA C22.2 #62368-1, IEC 62368-1 CB Scheme and FCC; UL2043
    Warranty Period 12 months from date of purchase

    DA-22SYS Install Sheet.pdf (10 pages)
    DA-22SYS Data Sheet (6 pages)
    Discover for DA App v1.3.8.3

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