700W High Performance, Dual Channel Commercial Amplifier

  • UL Listed
  • CE
  • ETL
  • 8Ω Operation
  • 70V / 100V Operation
    专业级音频功率放大器专为要求高的承包商应用,CP700特性深奥的等级环行电源和输出变压器。这些变压器被选择他们超强的可靠性以及扩展的频率响应(-3db@30Hz -70.7V输出通过变压器)现在你可以有平静的心灵与CP700系统指定将拥有真正的变压器输出隔离功能,一个特性以前可能没有负担得起的成本由于外部变压器的质量成本。
    无论你的应用是一个大型分布式恒压音响系统或一个高声压级扩声系统,Atlas Sound CP700是最完美并符合对于高功率/低成本放大需求。
    25V, 70.7V, 100V, and Direct Coupled (2,4, and 8 Ohm) Outputs Mounted on Barrier Strips with Covers for Safety
    Balanced Inputs on Barrier Strip and XLR Connectors
    Dual-Speed, High Efficiency Fan Cooling
    Loop Through Feature on Male XLRs, One per Channel Input
    Power-Up Muting
    Short-Circuit, Temperature, and DC Offset Protection
    Soft Clip Limiter Protection
    Stepped Attenuators Mounted on the Rear for Security
    Stereo, Bridge, or Parallel Operating Modes Selectable via Rear Mounted Switch
    Toroidal Output Transformers Provide Full Electrical Isolation and Meet Worldwide Safety Agency Approval
    UL Listed - UL60065
    Frequency Response 30Hz - 50kHz
    Channels Two
    Connector Type Terminal Block & XLR
    Finish Black
    Number of Fans 1 - Variable Speed
    Output Power 350 Watts/Channel @ 70.7V, 700 Watts 140V/200V Bridge Mono, 400 Watts/Channel @ 4Ω
    Rack Units 3 RU
    Height 5 3/16" (13 cm)
    Owners Manual CP400-CP700 Owners Manual (16 pages) View | Download
    Owners Manual CP400-CP700_Owners_Manual (16 pages) View | Download
    Data Sheet ATS004890 CP700 Datasheet (1 page) View | Download
    CAD Drawing CP700_Panel Download