Attenuator Rack Mounting Plate Holds up to 6 Attenuators

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    AtlasIED ATPLATE is perfect for rack mount applications where attenuators are required. The AtlasIED ATPLATE, a 2RU high #14 gauge plate pre-punched to accommodate up to (6) AtlasIED RM attenuators. Attractive black filler plugs are provided for applications where the ATPLATE will not be fully loaded. Please note that dial scales are included with AtlasIED RM series attenuators, however for convenience, (6) additional dial scales are included with the ATPLATE. This allows the contractor to stock only standard single gang plate AtlasIED attneuators which can be modified for use with the ATPLATE by simply removing the single gang stainless steel plate. The ATPLATE is finished in flat black epoxy to better blend in with other rack mount equipment.

    • 2RU High #14 Gauge Plate Pre-Punched to Accommodate up to (6) Atlas Sound RM Attenuators
    • Attractive Black Filler Plugs are Provided for Applications Where the ATPLATE Will Not be Fully Loaded
    • Finished in Flat Black Epoxy to Better Blend in with Other Rack Mount Equipment
    • Perfect for Rack Mount Applications Where Attenuators are Required

    Rack Units 2
    Panel Type Steel
    Color Ebony Black
    Height 3 1/2" (8.89 cm)
    Width 19" (48.26 cm)
    Depth 5/8" (1.5875 cm)
    Shipping Weight 1.60 lbs (0.73 kgs)
    Warranty Period 60 months from date of purchase