WTSD Audio/Power & Control Interface

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    The WTSD-PWHUB is designed to be used in conjuction with AtlasIED WTSD wall plate mixers at the head-end (amp rack) in place of the WTSD-PWBOB when additional headroom control and external device integration is necessary. The WTSD-PWHUB provides an emergency audio mute for fire systems and two NO / NC relays, one that is activated automatically by the auto sleep function and one that can be manually activated by a local latching “System Priority” button on the WTSD-MIX31K or WTSD-MIX41K.

    These relays can be configured to turn the head-end amp rack On or Off with the auto sleep function. The system priority button can be used to take over priority of the room by muting a background music and paging building wide system when the room is in use. The gain headroom limiter settings and indicators help control the balanced audio feed prior to the head-end amp when multiple WTSD’s are on a single bus. The limiter can be set to protect a high-power system from over loading the amplifier(s) and possibly damaging the speaker(s).

    24VDC power supply required and is not included.

    • Gain Adjust
    • Peak Limiter
    • Balanced Audio Out with Ground Lift
    • TSD Power Supply Input
    • Emergency CC Mute
    • System Priority Relay
    • Auto Sleep Relay
    • WTSD RJ45 Bus Input

    Input Type RJ45 Proprietary 8-Wire Bus
    Output Type Balanced Line Level
    Output impedance 300Ω Balanced, 150Ω Unbalanced
    Level Control 0 to +6dB with 0dB Mark
    Frequency Response 20Hz - 20kHz +/- 1dB
    THD 0.06% @ 1kHz
    Operating Temperature Range 14º - 104º F (-10º - 40º C)
    Height 1.5" (39mm)
    Width 4" (101mm)
    Depth 2.75" (70mm)
    Weight .375 lbs (0.17kg)
    Shipping Weight .625 lbs (0.28kg)

    Data Sheet
    Owners Manual
    System Example
    Athletic Field Press Box Sound System
    System Example
    High School Multi-Purpose Room Sound System
    System Example
    Middle School Multi-Purpose Room Sound System
    System Example
    Banquet Room Sound System