WTSD Audio/Power & Control Interface

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    The WTSD-PWHUB is designed to be used in conjuction with AtlasIED WTSD wall plate mixers at the head-end (amp rack) in place of the WTSD-PWBOB when additional headroom control and external device integration is necessary. The WTSD-PWHUB provides an emergency audio mute for fire systems and two NO / NC relays, one that is activated automatically by the auto sleep function and one that can be manually activated by a local latching “System Priority” button on the WTSD-MIX31K or WTSD-MIX41K.

    These relays can be configured to turn the head-end amp rack On or Off with the auto sleep function. The system priority button can be used to take over priority of the room by muting a background music and paging building wide system when the room is in use. The gain headroom limiter settings and indicators help control the balanced audio feed prior to the head-end amp when multiple WTSD’s are on a single bus. The limiter can be set to protect a high-power system from over loading the amplifier(s) and possibly damaging the speaker(s).

    24VDC power supply required and is not included.

    • Gain Adjust
    • Peak Limiter
    • Balanced Audio Out with Ground Lift
    • TSD Power Supply Input
    • Emergency CC Mute
    • System Priority Relay
    • Auto Sleep Relay
    • WTSD RJ45 Bus Input

    Input Type RJ45 Proprietary 8-Wire Bus
    Output Type Balanced Line Level
    Output impedance 300Ω Balanced, 150Ω Unbalanced
    Level Control 0 to +6dB with 0dB Mark
    Frequency Response 20Hz - 20kHz +/- 1dB
    THD 0.06% @ 1kHz
    Operating Temperature Range 14º - 104º F (-10º - 40º C)
    Height 1.5" (39mm)
    Width 4" (101mm)
    Depth 2.75" (70mm)
    Weight .375 lbs (0.17kg)
    Shipping Weight .625 lbs (0.28kg)

    WTSD-PWHUB Data Sheet (5 pages)
    WTSD-PWHUB Owners Manual (16 pages)
    High School Multi-Purpose Room Sound System (1 page)
    Middle School Multi-Purpose Room Sound System (1 page)
    Banquet Room Sound System (1 page)
    Athletic Field Press Box Sound System (1 page)

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