Warranty & Returns

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Warranty Information

All products manufactured by AtlasIED (Atlas Sound/Innovative Electronic Designs) are warranted to the original dealer/installer, industrial or commercial purchaser to be free from defects in material and workmanship and to be in compliance with our published specifications, if any. Product warranty is non-transferrable and all third-party products supplied by AtlasIED are warranted for the period of time and with the warranty given by the third party but not less than one year from invoice date.

This warranty shall extend from the date of shipment for the following duration per product category:

Passive Speaker Products 5-Years
Line Array and Line Column Speakers 5-Years
Speaker Hardware 5-Years
Passive Attenuators & Volume Controls 5-Years
Classroom Security & Sound Reinforcement Systems 1-Year
Classroom Security & Sound Reinforcement Accessory Microphones 90-Days
Amplifiers, Mixer/Amplifiers & TSD Series Amplifiers 3-Years
BlueBridge® Digital Signal Processors 3-Years
BlueBridge® DSP Wall Controllers 1-Year
Sound Masking Electronics 3-Years
MTX Home and Pro Speakers 1-Year
Electronic Accessories, PSUs & Telephony Products 90-Days
Metal Rack & Cabinet Products 5-Years
Active Rack Accessories 1-Year
AC Power Conditioners, Sequencers, & Distribution Units 1-Year
Interconnects & Accessories 5-Years
Microphone Stands (Except Musician Series) 2-Years
Musician Series Microphone Stands 1-Year
Microphone Stand Accessories 90-Days
Replacement Parts 1-Year
VoIP Speakers 1-Year
VoIP Devices 1-Year
Fuses, Lamps, Batteries No Warranty
5400 Series Controllers, Communication Stations, & Amplifiers (GLOBALCOM®) 3-Years
1500 Series PoE Compact Power Amplifiers 3-Years
ACS Series Controllers, Communication Stations, & Accessories (GLOBALCOM®) 3-Years
Titan DSP Mainframes & Accessories 3-Years

AtlasIED will solely at its discretion, replace at no charge or repair free of charge defective parts or products when the product has been applied and used in accordance with our published operation and installation instructions. We will not be responsible for defects caused by improper storage, misuse (including failure to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance), accident, abnormal atmospheres, water immersion, lightning discharge, or malfunctions when products have been modified or operated in excess of rated power, altered, serviced or installed in other than a workman like manner.

AtlasIED will provide diagnostic support for 5400 and ACS (GLOBALCOM®) system failure or total system interruption via telephone and/or customer provided high-speed Internet access on a 24/7/365 basis. All other assistance will be available during the warranty period only between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Eastern time Monday through Friday except holidays. All interpretation of this provision will be in the sole discretion of AtlasIED.

The original sales invoice should be retained as evidence of purchase under the terms of this warranty. All warranty returns must comply with our returns policy set forth below. When products returned to Atlas Sound do not qualify for repair or replacement under our warranty, repairs may be performed at prevailing costs for material and labor unless there is included with the returned product(s) a written request for an estimate of repair costs before any non-warranty work is performed. In the event of replacement or upon completion of repairs, return shipment will be made with the transportation charges collect.


AtlasIED does not assume, or does it authorize any other person to assume or extend on its behalf, any other warranty, obligation, or liability. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights, which vary from state to state.

Return Policy

The AtlasIED 30-Day Direct Purchase Money-Back Guarantee

Please note: This return policy does not apply to Atlas Direct Dealers. If you're an AtlasIED dealer, please log in to view dealer-specific return policy.

At AtlasIED, we take pride in the quality and function of our products. Therefore, if you are not impressed with our product, you can return any items purchased directly from within 30 days. Products purchased from authorized AtlasIED dealers must be returned through that same dealer. Products purchased through non-authorized AtlasIED dealers may not be returned.

Return Exceptions:

  • Any product not purchased directly from
  • Any product without a valid, readable serial number
  • Any product that is returned without all original packaging and accessories
  • Any product that exhibits physical damage or abuse

For the fastest and most accurate return, please send your request to us via email at to receive a Return Authorization (RA) number and instructions for your return. If you happen to call us, we will kindly ask you to send your request via email so that we can record it in writing.

We must have a copy of your original invoice before issuing any Return Authorizations. Please also remember to include a copy of your original invoice inside the return as well. We also require that you add the provided RA number as an ‘Attention To’ line to the shipping label to help us process your request even faster.

All returned merchandise must be in original condition, and must include the original factory box (UPC bar codes and serial numbers must be intact), factory packaging, peripherals (wires, hardware, etc.), and all instruction booklets. The RA number must not be written or printed on the product box or packaging.

AtlasIED thoroughly inspects our returns upon arrival. If all conditions stated above are not met, we reserve the right to refuse credit. On all credit refusals, the customer is responsible for all return freight and/or disposal costs.

Return Authorization Requests are held open for 30 days from the date of approval and will be closed after that time rendering all agreements to the authorization null and void.


Generally, purchasing products and/or services on our website require full pre-payment of products/services, taxes (where applicable) and shipping costs (if applicable). Credit card payments can be made during the checkout process.

Direct AtlasIED dealers will have different terms. If you are an AtlasIED dealer, please log in and go to Terms & Conditions.

Out of Warranty Options

Upon the expiration of the above described LIMITED WARRANTY, the following options are available for extended service, warranty, and/or maintenance on 5400 Series systems and GCK (GLOBALCOM®) systems:

  • Platinum Assurance Plans provide comprehensive preventive hardware and software warranty, service, and maintenance. For
    information contact Support Services at +1 (502) 267-7436 X1629. PAP is highly recommended to ensure optimum system functionality. Systems that are covered under PAP may qualify for discounts should the system ever need to be expanded or upgraded.
  • Parts can remain out of warranty and be subject to the following Out-of-Warranty Service Fee structure and payment options.
    • $300 for first 90 minutes of phone/service support
    • $225 per additional hour thereafter
    • This service level covers support Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST only excluding holidays. (24/7/365 support is only available via Platinum or Modified Assurance Plan coverage. Contact IED Support Services for more information at either or +1 (502) 267-7436 X1629.)
    • Payment options required to prevent delay in our response to you:
      • If you currently have credit terms with AtlasIED no additional items are required. However, since IED Support Services LLC (NOT IED LLC) is providing the warranty services, a Purchase Order to IEDSS will be necessary to prevent delays.
      • If you do not currently have credit terms with AtlasIED, a credit card is required for telephone support. To expedite assistance we recommend having a credit card and authorization information ready BEFORE you call for service to prevent delays.
    • Advanced replacement is only provided to those with advance replacement coverage by the aforementioned Assurance Plan.

Platinum Assurance Extended Warranty Program

Extended Warranty Protection and Preventive Measures
Designed with inherent redundancies, AtlasIED systems are recognized as being extremely reliable, however failures can occur. The Platinum Assurance Plan from AtlasIED On Call provides numerous preventive measures including:
  • Scheduled system health checks
  • First responder training
  • Periodic software upgrades
  • Locally available hardware replacements
This comprehensive program will minimize the risk of down time and maintain long-term system operation.

Purchaser's Agreement

AtlasIED rejects any terms or conditions stated by customer or contained in customer’s purchase documents or correspondence which are in addition to, conflict with or limit the terms and conditions herein. Customer’s placement of an order shall constitute acceptance of the terms and conditions herein and shall be deemed to exclude any additional, conflicting or limiting terms stated by Customer or contained in Customer’s purchase documents or correspondence.

Even though we make every effort to avoid errors, we reserve the right to correct typographical, photographic, clerical or printing errors, and to change specifications to improve products and/or manufacturing methods.

Statement of End User Network Responsibility

AtlasIED provides network based Public Address Systems (PAS) deployed on a wide variety of networks at end user facilities worldwide. As such, a primary factor, directly impacting the reliability of the PAS is a properly configured, reliable, stable network on which the PAS resides/functions.

AtlasIED is not responsible, and thus, shall have no liability, for either (a) the end user’s network requirements, including without limitation, those related to the overall performance, security, and other pertinent network criteria, or (b) the end user’s facility network infrastructure, including without limitation, the hardware and/or software utilized for the network on which the PAS resides. AtlasIED relies solely upon the end user’s network owner/manager for the design, provision, configuration and maintenance of the network, in a manner that enables proper PAS function ability/functionality. If the network on which the PAS resides is improperly designed, configured or maintained, malfunctions or undergoes changes or modifications, then impacts to the reliability, functionality or stability of the PAS can be expected, resulting in PAS system anomalies that are outside the control of AtlasIED. In such instances, AtlasIED can be a resource to support the end user’s network owner/manager in diagnosing the problems and attempting to restore the PAS to a fully functioning and reliable state. However, for network-related issues, AtlasIED may look to the end user to recover costs associated with such support activities. For those end-users covered by either the prevailing IED OEM Limited Warranty and/or an IED Platinum Assurance Plan, and upon request by the end user, AtlasIED will collaborate with all parties (AtlasIED certified Integrators and/or end users) to provide limited assistance with network diagnostics at no additional cost to the end user. The extent and nature of this assistance will be based on the scenario encountered. Under these programs, AtlasIED will solely determine when/if applicable charges for technical support will be applied. Out of warranty end users, and/or those not covered by a Platinum Assurance Plan will be assisted as technical support is available and applicable charges for that technical support will be applied.

AtlasIED will not be liable for any consequences or damages, whether actual, direct, indirect, exemplary, special, consequential, or otherwise, for any end user network upon which a PAS resides/functions that is not properly configured, reliable, and/or stable.

Download Statement of End User Network Responsibility

Statement of Responsibility Regarding Windows® OS Updates

The Windows® operating systems on AtlasIED 1100/1200ACS and IP100 Series products are updated at the time of initial installation of the AtlasIED software with the latest AtlasIED approved Windows® updates prior to shipment. The Windows® operating system on 1151 and 1152 server based systems are updated at the time of initial installation of the AtlasIED software with the latest, pertinent Windows® updates available at the time of the initial software installation.

In either case, once the initial installation of AtlasIED software and Windows® updates are complete, Windows® updates are then turned off. Additionally, AtlasIED does not recommend installation of future Windows® updates, unless specifically noted by AtlasIED (AtlasIED will review Windows® updates semi-annually and release the findings and recommendations thereto), to determine if such updates would adversely affect system function. AtlasIED will review Windows® updates semi-annually and release its findings and recommendations thereto. Thus if the owner of AtlasIED system(s) elect to install additional Windows® updates, that owner is responsible for all installation and testing of said updates. In the event that such update(s) cause system functional abnormalities, AtlasIED can provide technical advice and assistance.

AtlasIED will solely determine when/if applicable charges for technical advice and assistance will be applied. Out of warranty end users, and/or those not covered by a Platinum Assurance Plan, will be assisted as technical support is available and applicable charges for that technical support will be applied.

Download Statement of Responsibility Regarding Windows® OS Updates