Intercom Station w Compression Driver 25V Transformer

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  • Vandal Proof

    VPVT-4PB Series vandal proof speaker station withstand damage caused from abuse, moisture, corrosion, dust, vibration and temperature extremes from 150° to -30°F. Station is available in 15 watt model with 12-gauge stainless steel plate mounted to the high efficiency VT Series compression driver. Patented 8 ohm driver with water-sealed die cast zinc housing and exponential sound projector is recognized for dependable performance and high intelligibility voice and signal transmission. Driver functions as a speaker and a microphone for hands-free remote station communication with a centrally located master control.  Station assemblies install with tamperproof, button-head breakaway screws to a recess mounting enclosure (order separately). VPVT-PB is 7 1/4"SQ (184mm) and mount to enclosure Model VP-77 size 

    5 1/2"W x 6 1/4"H x 3 1/2"D (159 x 140 x 90mm). The enclosure is 16-gauge CRS with a rust preventive coating. VPB-1A is a vandal resistant push switch intercom accessory mounted to a single gang size 
    12-gauge stainless steel plate.  Vandal proof hardware installs using a 6–32 holt-head driver bit for a standard 1/4" nut driver.

    • Damage Resistant Intercom and Paging Loudspeaker for Indoor or Outdoor Installation
    • Damage Resistant Intercom and Paging Loudspeakers for Indoor or Outdoor Installation Provide Protected High Intelligibility Communication
    • Operational Flexibility of Stations Equipped With Vandal Proof Call/Signal Origination Switch or Optional Stand Alone Push switch Accessory
    • Proven Performance Reliability of the Patented VT Series Environment Resistant Compression Driver
    • Provides Protected High Intelligibility Communication

    Frequency Response 400Hz - 4kHz
    Sensitivity 102dBA
    Power Taps 15, 8, 4, & 2
    Dispersion > 190° (- 6dB pt., 1 and 2 kHz octave bands)
    Transformer 25V
    Height 7 1/4" (18.42 cm)
    Shipping Weight 4.50 lbs (2.04 kgs)
    Warranty Period 60 months from date of purchase

    VPVT-4PB Data Sheet (2 pages) VPVT-4PB Data Sheet (2 pages)
    WPVT, VPVT-4PB Installation Sheet (1 page) WPVT, VPVT-4PB Installation Sheet (1 page)