Texas Tough 45RU 35" Deep Rack with Perforated Door

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  • CUL
  • BAA
  • TAA

    The AtlasIED Texas Tough Series cabinets are like no equipment cabinets in the market today. Designed with a sleek and modern design with advanced features, these racks are designed to be showcased at an installation rather than buried in an equipment closet. The TT45-35V includes a perforated front door as well as a flush mount solid rear door.

    Texas Tough series racks are best identified by their unique digital rack crown. This unique crown is designed to both increase the aesthetic style of the rack and to add additional functionality. Each digital rack crown includes a LED edgelit acrylic badge that can be set to a variety of colors to match customer style requirements. This acrylic badge can be custom created with either the customer’s logo or the integrator’s logo and contact information to provide easily locatable contact information for post installation support. An integrated circuit board in the rack crown includes a contact closure that can be connected to a remote fault indicator allowing the LEDs to change color and an alarm to trigger when an equipment fault is indicated. This provides a visual and audible alarm clue that there is an issue.

    Digital Crown

    Down-firing LED lights are integrated into the front soffit of the rack. The white light intensity is adjustable for both the open and closed door positions. This provides illumination for technicians working on the installed equipment with the rack door in the open position. Also, the LEDs can be used to provide a less intense ambient light in the closed door rack to delicately showcase the equipment when installed in a high profile location. The LEDs are adjustable by setting the intensity through the dip switch settings.

    The front and rear rails snap to the DIN rails via our patented DINlok™ system. Once attached, they can slide across the DIN rail to easily adjust their depth for a variety of rack mount equipment. The DIN rails are a universal size standard used for common electrical and network devices.

    Texas Tough cabinets can be used as stand-alone units or joined together in a gangable array. For standalone use, they incorporate solid-fixed side panels. When multiple Texas Tough racks need to be ganged together, there are locking points located on the side panels to easily bolt them together. The multi-functional cutout panels can be left open and used as a cable pass thru between racks. The multi-functional cutout panels can also be used in standalone applications to house dust prevention filter cubes that cut down on dirt and dust intrusion into the rack from both the top and bottom on both the left and the right sides keeping installed equipment clean and optimally functioning.

    Cabinets include two pairs of front-to-rear adjustable mounting rails tapped 10-32. Rails are standard E.I.A. 5/8"-5/8"-1/2" spacing.

    Like all AtlasIED equipment cabinets, Texas Tough series racks are Made in the USA.

    • Safety Listed to UL 2416
    • Digital Rack Crown Includes Edgelit Acrylic Badge and Equipment Monitoring Circuitry
    • Interior Mounted LED Lighting
    • DINlok™ Technology Allows Quick and Easy Rail Adjustment
    • Replaceable Filter Panels Reduce Debris Intrusion
    • Hybrid Design Allows for Use in Standalone or Gangable Applications
    • Two Pairs Mounting Rails Included
    • Manufactured to E.I.A. Standards
    • 16-Gauge Top/Bottom/Frame Construction

    Rack Units 45
    Height 86.59" (219.9cm)
    Width 22.47" (57.07cm)
    Depth 37.68" (95.71cm)
    Usable Depth 32.7" (83.06cm)
    Weight 278 lbs (126.1kg)
    Safety Listed 2416
    Warranty Period 60 months from date of purchase

    Texas Tough Acrylic Badge Installation (1 page)
    Texas Tough Installation Sheet (15 pages)
    Texas Tough Series Data Sheet (3 pages)
    TT45-35 CAD Drawing

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