Audio Level Controller / Limiter

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  • Power Supply Sold Separately

    The AtlasIED TSD-ALC2 is an automatic 2-channel audio level controller/limiter that allows designers and installers the ability to set predetermined maximum source levels. The TSD-ALC2 is great for installations with multiple program sources including satellite receivers, mp3 players, etc. that typically have vast output level irregularities. With the TSD-ALC2 inserted in line with these sources, the audience will not be distracted during high volume commercial breaks or when different inputs are selected. Retail stores, restaurants, sports bars, hotels, event centers, and other facilities can all benefit from improved sound when the TSD-ALC2 is integrated.

    Features include stereo RCA input and output connectors, threshold level, ramp speed selection, and output gain adjustments. The TSD- ALC2 also works well when used in conjunction with Atlas Strategy Series Mixer Amplifiers. For level control and passive combining of stereo sources with Atlas amps, specify (1) AA-YSUM input cable in conjunction with (1) TSD-ALC2 for each source input.

    The TSD-ALC2 is highly efficient and meets most energy standards as one 24V DC power supply (available separately) can power multiple Atlas Time Saving Devices.  Unit requires a power supply (sold separately) for proper function, multiple TSDs can be powered with one power supply based on current requirements.  This unit has a power requirement of 60mA so any of the available power supplies can be used with this unit. For multiple TSD applications use the TSD Power Calculator to determine the proper power supply needed.

    • Stereo Auto Level Control
    • Unbalanced RCA Input and Output
    • Threshold Level Adjustment
    • Ramp Speed Selection
    • Output Gain Control
    • Security Covers Included for All Front Panel Controls
    • Energy Efficient
    • Compact Chassis Design
    • Power Supply Sold Separately

    Input Type (2) Unbalanced, RCA, Left & Right
    Output impedance 150Ω Unbalanced
    Output Level Adjustable from 0V - 1.4V, Hard Limit
    Input Level Attenuator (1) Removable Knob w/ Security Cover
    Indicators Input:Green, Input Peak:Red, ALC Active:Yellow, Power:Blue
    Power Consumption 1.4 Watts
    Chassis Material Aluminum
    Chassis Color Black
    Height 1.5" (39mm)
    Depth 2.75" (70mm)
    Warranty Period 36 months from date of purchase

    TSD Series CAD Drawing TSD Series CAD Drawing
    TSD-ALC2 Datasheet (4 pages) TSD-ALC2 Datasheet (4 pages)
    TSD-ALC2 Owners Manual (12 pages) TSD-ALC2 Owners Manual (12 pages)
    TSD-ALC2 Owners Manual (16 pages) TSD-ALC2 Owners Manual (16 pages)