Texas Tough

Texas Tough equipment racks are the culmination of years of research and development and include features never before incorporated into a cabinet that benefit both the end-user and integrator performing the installation. Made in the USA, these racks are built as tough as the state they are named after.

Digital Crown

Digital Rack Crown

The unique digital rack crown includes a LED edgelit Plexiglas badge. An integrated circuit board in the rack crown includes a contact closure that can be connected to a remote fault indicator allowing the LEDs to change color when an equipment fault is indicated

DINlok Technology

DINlok™ Technology

The front and rear rails install to the DIN rails via the patented DINlok™ technology system. The installation is tool-less and positively locks the rail into a specific location within provided 1" increments.

Hybrid Cabinet Design

Hybrid Cabinet Design

Texas Tough cabinets can be used as stand-alone units or joined together in a gangable array. When multiple Texas Tough racks need to be ganged together, there are locking points located on the side panels to easily bolt them together.

Like all AtlasIED racks, Texas Tough models are proudly Made In America.

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