Economical Two-Piece Tripod Mic Stand


    Fully adjustable height stand extends from 37" to 65" and includes an all-new three-piece clutch design with a highly durable metal clutch barrel. Tripod legs attach to a metal retainer assembly that includes a thumbscrew/brake system to provide secure positioning and prevent tube marring. Tube assemblies are durable CRS construction terminated in the industry standard 5/8" - 27 thread pattern. Satin ebony (E) finish. 5-1/2 lbs.

    All Purpose Tripod Mic Stand
    Extends From 37" to 65"
    Metal Construction Through-out
    Shipping Weight 6.50 lbs (2.95 kgs)
    Tube Finish Ebony
    Base Spread 28"
    Stand Height 37" - 65"
    SL11.2001.PDF (1 page)