Text-to-Speech Courtesy Announcement System

Text-to-Speech Courtesy Announcement System

    T-CAS is a Client/Server application used to broadcast standard Courtesy Announcements, or other ad-hoc messages into public spaces. Message content is entered via computer workstation(s) into a user-defined announcement template, with the corresponding operator-selectable zone group chosen for audio broadcast. Given the proper hardware and software components, synchronized text messages can also be seen on visual paging displays.

    T-CAS (audio only) requires the software components listed below:

    • IED0633 – T-CAS Server Software
    • IED0633C – T-CAS Client Software

    The system can be configured to work with a combination of standard IED Microphone Stations or the system’s Text-to-Speech (TTS) voice synthesis program. Use of this option requires additional components as listed below:

    • IED0633-AxLx – Text-to-Speech Engine
    • IED0633L-xxx – Text-to-Speech Language Pack

    The T-CAS Client application is web-based, and can be accessed from any computer on the system’s network (or connection thereto). The T-CAS Server utilizes Microsoft SQL Server and Internet Information Server (IIS) technology to store and manipulate announcement data.

    T-CAS Desktop (2 pages) T-CAS Desktop (2 pages)