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AtlasIED has online tutorials available for our most knowledge intensive product categories. These videos are designed to familiarize the user with the product and its programming. Each short video addresses an individual topic so that you can learn exactly what you want or learn about the entire product family by watching each video at your own pace.

GDS-4W™ Online Training

These online tutorials are designed to educate users on the software engine that drives GDS-4W digital signage media players. GDS-4W player software provides enterprise-grade digital signage to a GLOBALCOM®.IP system. With GDS-4W, facilities can visually engage customers, employees, and visitors across displays and mobile devices throughout a building.

Getting Started Overview

Subgroups and Importing Content

Parent and Local Groups


Introduction to the Scheduling Grid

The Scheduling Grid Part II

Updating the GDS-4W Player

Template Design I

Template Design II

Template Design III

RSS Data Feed Manager

Data Grid Feeds

Player Properties

Player Properties

Video Stream and Media Properties

Ticker Designer

BlueBridge® Designer Software

These online tutorials discuss the open architecture BlueBridge DSP platform and how to use the Designer software that allows system designers the ability to construct systems of all sizes utilizing BlueBridge DSP devices and other audio components into comprehensive designs.

BlueBridge® Quick Start Modules




BlueBridge® Programming Modules

BlueBridge® Designer Software Introduction Tutorial

BlueBridge® Designer Network View Tutorial

BlueBridge® Designer Components Tutorial

BlueBridge® Designer Design Elements Tutorial

BlueBridge® Designer Bill of Materials Tutorial

BlueBridge® Mic Pre-Amps Tutorial

BlueBridge® Designer DSP Modules Tutorial

BlueBridge® Hardware Associating Tutorial

Working with BlueBridge® Designer Presets Tutorial

BlueBridge® Designer Preset Management Tutorial

3rd Party Control with BlueBridge® Tutorial

Control String Test Over IP

BlueBridge® Controller Apps & Touch Panels

Working with Controllers in BlueBridge® Designer

Programming a BlueBridge® Touch Panel Part 1

Programming a BlueBridge® Touch Panel Part 2

Programming a BlueBridge® Touch Panel Part 3

Programming a BlueBridge® Touch Panel Part 4

Programming a BlueBridge® Touch Panel Part 5

BlueBridge® Panel and App Configuration Part 1

BlueBridge® Panel and App Configuration Part 2

BlueBridge® Panel Password Protection

BlueBridge® Designer Version 2.0

BlueBridge® Designer v2.0 Cross Platform

BlueBridge® Designer v2.0 Improved Network View

BlueBridge® Designer v2.0 Integrated Dante® Controller

BlueBridge® Designer v2.0 Updated Component Library

BlueBridge® Designer v2.0 Defined Devices and Network Equipment

BlueBridge® Designer v2.0 Improved Drawing Elements

BlueBridge® Designer v2.0 Improved Title Block

BlueBridge® Designer v2.0 Improved Bill of Materials

BlueBridge® Designer v2.0 Print to AutoCAD DXF Format

BlueBridge® Designer v2.0 Improved Preset Functions

BlueBridge® Designer v2.0 Click and Drag Wire Paths

BlueBridge® Designer v2.0 3rd Party Control Manager

BlueBridge® Designer v2.0 TOUCH7 Improvements