Training Courses Approved for Various Continuing Education Credits

Training Courses Approved for Various Continuing Education Credits

Phoenix, AZ – AtlasIED is excited to announce that two new courses—“Sound Masking Basics” and “Tuning Sound Masking Systems”—are approved for various continuing education credits from AIA, AVIXA, and BICSI.

“Sound Masking Basics”— approved for one AIA CEU, one AVIXA RU, and one BICSI CEC — is a one-hour live course designed for Information and Communications Technology professionals, AV integration professionals, interior designers, or architects wishing to learn the basics of Sound Masking and how it is applied to create acoustical comfort and privacy in today’s open office plan. The course eliminates the mystery and myths that are prevalent today as more and more companies and facilities look for ways to improve office acoustics, increase employee productivity and wellness, and enhance speech privacy. At the end of the course, participants will be able to: 

  • Identify where sound masking can be utilized
  • Understand the concept of using random sound to cover unwanted sounds
  • List the advantages of adding sound masking in an office to provide privacy and acoustical comfort
  • Understand some design concepts of successful masking systems

“Tuning Sound Masking Systems”— approved for one AVIXA RU and one BICSI CEC — is also a live one-hour course that reveals the methods used in tuning Sound Masking Systems to a specific curve. The course covers the need for masking system tuning, along with where to take measurements, site requirements, and recommended test equipment. The presentation lists the steps necessary to tune both Direct Field and Indirect Field Masking Systems. Attendees will:

  • Learn why Direct Field Masking Systems require post-install tuning
  • Be exposed to typical masking contours
  • Know where to make 1/3rd octave measurements
  • Know the site requirements for successful tuning
  • Know the required test equipment used for commissioning a system
  • Be able to follow a list of steps for Sound Masking Tuning

“AtlasIED is committed to supporting the professional development of Information and Communications Technology Professionals and Architects alike,” says Steve Brooks, AtlasIED ESS Design Engineer/Sound Masking Training. “These courses address very relevant topics in today’s corporate environment and allow both integrators and architects to get a leg up in the corporate design arena by adding sound masking and sound masking tuning to their skill sets.”

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