IPX Wins 2019 Best Mass Notification Emergency Communication Product

IPX Wins 2019 Best Mass Notification Emergency Communication Product

Orlando, FL (June, 2019) – AtlasIED's  IPX Series of IP Endpoints won a 2019 BEST Awards (Best Electronics Systems Technologies) from Commercial Integrator in the Security Category for Best Mass Notification Emergency Communication. 

The 2019 BEST Awards selections were judged by an unbiased panel of a dozen credible industry leaders, along with the editors of Commercial Integrator, with special consideration given to innovation, functionality, competitive advantages and benefits to the installer.

“We always steer judges toward focusing on how this will actually help the integration firm improve the processes or deliver a new or better solution to their customers. We want 2019 BEST Awards products to amplify the value that an integration firm brings to their customers. The products that we’ve selected this year do so in unique and varying ways,” says Commercial Integrator Editorial Director Tom LeBlanc. “When deployed these products improve end-user customers’ businesses...The CI BEST Award winning products across all categories help integration firms’ customers get a leg up, and we hope they connect that value to their trusted integrator partners.”

In educational facilities, corporate environments, transportation hubs, healthcare facilities, and other public spaces, keeping visitors safe is top on the minds of facilities managers, corporate executives, administrators, and security staff. Complementing digital signage and reinforcing public security systems, the IPX Series of IP Endpoints  makes it simple and cost-effective for commercial integrators to provide their customers with solutions for background music, paging, and Mass Notification and Emergency Communications (MNEC) in one aesthetically pleasing package that blends into any environment.

Through a Unified Communications (UC) environment or the AtlasIED’s GLOBALCOM.IP  ecosystem, the IPX Series delivers smart automation, including pre-programmed notifications for common functions like bells and critical alerts. A comprehensive library of prerecorded messages is available through GLOBALCOM.IP or GLOBALCOM.EDU ecosystem, which can be broadcast across the facility or directed to specific zones.

“We are thankful that the industry is finding value in our IP, PoE, and VoIP solutions, and are especially proud to be selected for a 2019 Commercial Integrator 2019 Best Award,” says AtlasIED President and CEO John Ivey. “Our IPX Series of Endpoints are not only affordable and easy to install, but they can play a critical role in maintaining safe work environments and public spaces today.”

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