AtlasIED Offers Three New IP Addressable, Programmable Power Conditioners

Phoenix, AZ – AtlasIEDa global manufacturer of comprehensive audio solutions for commercial environments, adds to its portfolio a new line of IP addressable power conditioners that utilize advanced power management, distribution and monitoring to safeguard connected equipment from Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) and unstable AC voltage. Each of the new IP addressable power conditionersalso features programmable outlets, a Web-based user interface, and remote monitoring capabilities to further ensure optimal performance of connected devices.

Through each power conditioner’s integrated Web-based interface, dealers can program outlets to sequence on and off individually or in groups; remotely monitor conditions such as voltage, current, temperature, and humidity conditions, and set alarms to alert users when temperature and humidity levels exceed certain parameters or a fault has occurred on the network. An external temperature/humidity probe can be integrated to monitor the climate within an equipment rack and activate a cooling system if necessary. As another safety precaution, installers can disable the ability for users to manually turn outlets on and off.

AtlasIED Offers Three New IP Addressable Power Conditioners

Integrated IP discovery software helps identify AtlasIED IP power conditioners connected to the network, while the included AP-LEDIP remote display shows the assigned IP address for each power conditioner.

Three Models to Fit Any Commercial Application

AtlasIED has created the new power conditioners as an accessory for all AtlasIED racksand to complement the Texas Toughline of equipment racks. There are three models to fit any commercial application. Equipped with a removable 2m, 14-gauge IEC power cord with a retainer bracket, each model permits the installer to select the power cord length required for the installation.

 The AP-S158IP features five programmable switched outlets on its rear panel, one unswitched convenience outlet on its front panel, and is designed to be mounted vertically in any floor standing equipment rack. Equipped with five rear panel programmable switched outlets and one front panel unswitched convenience outlet, the AP-S15HRIP fits in a half-width rack or a standard 19” rack using the optional PA702-RMK rack mount kit. The AP-S15IP features eight rear panel programmable switched outlets, one front panel unswitched convenience outlet, and fits in 1RU of a 19” rack.