GCK Mass Communications Software Receives Upgrade

(Louisville, KY - December, 2021) GCK software (used in GLOBALCOM® systems in education, healthcare, industrial, and mass transit applications) was built upon the Microsoft Silverlight web platform. Since Microsoft will no longer support Silverlight, we have  engineered a fully supported, modern solution. 

AtlasIED is now including the new, updated GCK standalone application for all present and future Windows 10 or server deployments. It will also be available to any existing customer who would like to upgrade from the previous GCK software to GCK app on Windows 10 machines.

The updated GCK application will offer the same functionality and capabilities as the existing software, with a brighter, more modern interface. Additionally, the new application offers the option to work and configure in offline mode, which has been a common request from our integrator partners. Online and in-person training is available for the new GCK application.

If you’d like more information on a migration/upgrade plan, GLOBALCOM® training, or if you have any questions or concerns, please CONTACT US.

AtlasIED New, Updated GCK Mass Communications Software