Wireless Microphone Kit with Over Ear Microphone

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    The AtlasIED MW100BP-OE is a complete wireless microphone kit that includes a wireless receiver (MWRCVR), beltpack wireless transmitter (MWBPT), and over ear microphone (MWOEM) as well as the necessary antennas, cables, and power supply for proper functionality in a variety of installations including classrooms, conference rooms, lecture halls, and live presentations. The MWRCVR receives signal from the MWBPT via the 25MHz frequency band, where any one of 100 usable frequencies can be assigned to MWRCVR and MWBPT, via patented 2-way technology that ensures quality of data transmission between the two units. 

    The MWRCVR includes a balanced XLR output as well as an unbalanced 1/4" line output that can be connected to a variety of devices including AtlasIED power amplifiers. A switch allows the user to choose between mic or line input and the dual antennas ensure quality reception wherever the unit is located. 

    The MWBPT is a beltpack wireless transmitter that connects to the MWOEM over ear microphone and that can be used with either two standard alkaline or rechargeable NiMH AA batteries. The MWHBPT can provide up to 16 hours of usage when using rechargeable NiMH batteries. The integrated LCD displays channel, frequency, and battery level for easy identification when pairing the unit to the receiver.

    MWRCVR Specifications

    Frequency Range UHF 566MHz - 585.8MHz
    Switching Bandwidth 25MHz
    Switchable Frequencies 100
    Display Type LCD
    Operating Range 100m Direct Sight
    Sensitivity -95dBm
    Signal to Noise Ratio > 110dB
    THD < 0.5%
    Power Supply 100-240V AC, 12V DC/1.6A
    Dimensions 7.87" x 5.91" x 1.73" (200mm x 150mm x 44mm)
    Weight 1.39 lbs (0.63kg)

    • MWRCVR Receiver

    • Multi-function LCD display for channel / frequency, volume level, and signal strength

    • Patented technology for 2-way data transfer between transmitter and receiver

    • 100 frequencies available through the 25MHz signal band

    • Dual antennas reduce distortion

    • IR sensor for connection to wireless microphone

    • Selectable mic or line output

    • MWBPT Beltpack Wireless Transmitter

    • Multi-function LCD display for channel / frequency, battery level indicator, Alkaline / NiMH battery selection

    • 1/4 wave whip antenna

    • High and low impedance gain controls

    • Requires 2 AA batteries to operate

    • Up to 16 hours operating time

    • Detachable Belt Clip

    • Standard 4-Pin Mini XLR Connector

    • 35mW maximum transmission power


    MWBPT Owners Manual (12 pages) MWBPT Owners Manual (12 pages)
    MWRCVR Owners Manual (16 pages) MWRCVR Owners Manual (16 pages)