LookHear is a high-quality, visual and audio notification device, and part of the GLOBALCOM® family of announcement control and enterprisewide communication platform.

World-Class Audio Meets World-Class Visuals

Intentionally designed for commercial transportation facilities such as airports and subway stations, LookHear is an extension of a GLOBALCOM® communications ecosystem and can deliver visual AND audio communications for critical alerts, emergency messaging, regulatory messaging, wayfinding, and more.

As a portable digital signage “beacon” with self-contained hardware, LookHear provides an immediate communications solution for situations where infrastructure gaps exist and can be deployed within hours in temporary or permanent locations.

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Rotating Animation of LookHear Display

Audiovisual alerts and emergency messaging deliver clarity during urgent situations. At a glance, passengers know where to go and what to do. Audio messages are captioned in real-time, and all-clear announcements help the airport return to normal operations when issues are resolved.

Low angle picuture of LookHear showing speakers and caster wheels

On top of a base with lockable casters sets a CBT (constant beamwidth technology) line array of speakers powered by the onboard amplifier and a high-brightness display for visual and audible communications coverage specifically designed with ADA compliance and high speech intelligibility in mind.


  • Rapid Deployment
  • Part of the GLOBALCOM® ecosystem
  • Managed via GCK Software
  • High Intelligibility
  • World-class visuals by Synect
  • Portable and easy to relocate
Black and white AtlasIED and Synect Logo

LookHear is the combination of AtlasIED’s audio and communications technologies with the digital experience experts at Synect, a full-service provider of visual communication strategies and content management solutions for airport communications, to create a multisensory communications device for airports and mass transit hubs.

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