LookHear Portable Audio/Visual Information Delivery System


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    LookHear is a high-quality, visual, and audio notification device, and part of the GLOBALCOM® family of announcement control and enterprise-wide communication platform. When combined with GLOBALCOM®, LookHear becomes a seamless extension of a mass communication and life-safety system, while also having the inherent capability of being used for wayfinding and digital signage. Flexibility of use is further evident by the product portability and stability, making it ideal to place in temporary or permanent locations.

    Setting LookHear apart is AtlasIED's customized premium audio, amplifiers, and CBT line-array speakers. The “beacon” is engineered with self-contained and secured hardware to seamlessly integrate into the facility’s GLOBALCOM® system. Being a cooperatively designed asset, LookHear also boasts a high-brightness display able to showcase innovative, transformational static and dynamic video content, provided by Synect—a well-known content creation and technical solutions partner in the transportation sector.

    • Large Format, Single Sided A/V unified communications "beacon"
    • As part of the GLOBALCOM® ecosystem, LookHear provides
      critical audio and video information to transportation facilities of
      all sizes
    • Provides ADA-Compliant visual paging as a GCK life-safety endpoint
    • Locking casters on the base provide easy portability, stability, and flexibility

    Height 82.4" (209.296cm)
    Width 24.4" (61.976cm)
    Depth 24.8" (62.992cm)
    Weight 166 lbs (75.296 kg)
    Supply Voltage 120 VAC 60Hz
    Frequency Response 87Hz - 15.5kHz
    Input Sensitivity 85.9dB @ 1W/1m, 72.8dB @ 1W/4m
    Horizontal Coverage 110° @ 2kHz
    Vertical Coverage 277° @ 2kHz
    Warranty Period 12 months from date of purchase

    LookHear Data Sheet (6 pages) LookHear Data Sheet (6 pages)
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