GLOBALCOM® EN54-16 Digital Zone Manager (4 Zones)

  • Dante enabled
  • Network Ready
  • Onboard DSP
  • GCK Optimized
  • Ambient Noise
  • EN54-16 Certified
  • Fault Reporting

    The 5404DZM Digital Zone Manager provides processing and management of four (4) paging zones assigned from an IED 5400 Announcement Control System. It also provides line level audio outputs to a paired four-channel amplifier unit. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is provided on each of the four (4) output channels. This includes: input level controls, paging routing, automatic ducking of background music, equalization (high pass filters, low pass filters, up to 40 milliseconds of delay, plus up to 7 parametric bands per amplifier channel). IED’s patented ambient analysis and control provides automatic level adjustment with two (2) Sensor Input Channels per amp channel.

    The 5404DZM provides backup amplifier switching by switching up to four (4) speaker loads from a primary power amplifier to a backup when a failure is detected. It also contains integrated supervision that monitors each signal path and reports any failures to the 5400ACS.

    The mainframe requires one (1) rack unit (1.75") of vertical space in a 19" equipment rack/cabinet. All cooling is front to back.


    • Management of 4 Individual output channels.
    • 4 Audio inputs via Dante™ audio networking (high quality over Ethernet).
    • Redundant Ethernet ports.
    • Provides backup amplifier switching.
    • Fully supervises amplifier and speaker lines.
    • Provides ambient analysis and compensation with 8 sensor input channels.
    • DSP processing for 4 amplifier channels:
      • Low and high pass filters.
      • 7-Band parametric EQ filters.
      • Up to 40 milliseconds of delay.

    Front Panel Features

    • Frame Status Indicators:
      • Fault (yellow)
      • Ground Fault (yellow)
      • Power (green)
      • Power Save Mode (yellow)
      • Announce / Alarm (green / red)
    • Lamp Test Button.
    • Indicators for each Amp Channel:
      • Amp Status: Power (green), Fault (yellow) or Alarm Active (red).
      • Speaker Line Fault (yellow triangle).
      • Backup Amp Engaged (green square).

    Mechanical/Electrical Features

    • Low-power processor for high reliability and long life with minimal cooling requirements.
    • Powered from 12-24 VDC power input, such as an EN54-4 power supply.
    • Requires 1 rack unit of 19" rack space.



    IED5404DZM CAD Drawing IED5404DZM CAD Drawing
    IED5404DZM Firmware Update 6_15_16 IED5404DZM Firmware Update 6_15_16
    GLOBALCOM 5400 Series Digital Zone Manager Datasheet (2 pages) GLOBALCOM 5400 Series Digital Zone Manager Datasheet (2 pages)