Rack Mount Kit for 5450CS, 5416CS or 550CS

MSRP (USD): $2,600.99

    The 5400CS-SRM is a kit to allow one to mount either a 5450CS, 5416CS or 550CS mic station into a 19” rack and attach a self-powered speaker to the line output one of these mic station models. The kit fits into a standard 19” rack, occupying 4 rack units (RUs) or 7” of space.

    The kit incorporates a 2.5” speaker driven by an 8 Watt amplifier. There is a volume control knob on the front. The 8 W amplifier is powered from a separate plug-in power supply from the mic station. A short cable connects the amplifier input to the line output of the supplied mic station.


    5400CS-SRM Datasheet (1 page) 5400CS-SRM Datasheet (1 page)
    IED5400CS-SRM Dimensions IED5400CS-SRM Dimensions