Re-Entrant Horn Speaker with 25V/70.7V-30W Transformer

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  • 70V100VCAPABLE
  • IP56

    The GA-30T speaker is a utility horn perfectly suited for voice paging and music transmission. Double re-entrant horn construction optimizes speaker output to penetrate ambient sound levels. This 30-watt model incorporates a compression driver with ceramic magnet and includes a combination 25/70.7-volt line transformer with multi-position knob switch for selecting power taps. Unit is also equipped with wiring for an 8-ohm connection to facilitate installation when a transformer is not required.

    GA-30T features a round, high-impact plastic horn and will withstand outdoor installation in high-humidity environments. Adjustable surface mounting bracket provides multiple (vertical & horizontal) positioning. Each assembly is supplied with 21-gauge 18" color coded wire leads for matching polarity and speaker connection.

    Entire assembly is gray with silver colored hardware

    Learn more about the importance of protecting paging horns from low frequency damage and view the TSD-HF11 unit designed specifically to protect horns from low frequency damage.

    • Dual Voltage, Knob-Adjustable Impedance Selection for 25/70.7V Line Connection
    • Multi-Function, Re-Entrant Horn Loudspeakers Offer Efficient Sound Penetration and Dispersion for Paging, Music and Intercom Use
    • Sturdy Construction for Long-Term Indoor and Outdoor Use

    Frequency Response 500Hz - 3kHz
    Sensitivity 103dB
    Power Taps 4, 8, 15, & 30 Watts @ 70.7V
    Dispersion 60°
    Warranty Period 60 months from date of purchase

    GA-30T GA-30T
    GA Series Datasheet (2 pages) GA Series Datasheet (2 pages)