FAS Automated Announcement System

FAS Automated Announcement System

    The IED FAS Automated Announcement System is an optional module that integrates into a GLOBALCOM® system and provides the capability for clear, professionally recorded announcements with minimum user input. FAS announcements provide passengers with flight status information such as delays or gate changes, and flight boarding messages. FAS announcements can play a key role in efficiently boarding the aircraft for a flight, for example, calling out the next boarding group or set of rows to board either automatically or via a simple “next departure” type button action on the 528 Digital Communication Station. This leaves gate personnel free to handle tickets and other passenger needs.

    FAS announcements can be initiated from the same 528 Digital Communication Station used in the public address system, from a PRIZM client workstation, from a schedule or from some other automatic stimuli such as changes in flight status. The FAS system integrates tightly with the IED PRIZM MUFIDS system, so changes made from a station are immediately reflected on a departure display or gate/terminal display. Similarly, actions made on a PRIZM client can initiate FAS announcements.

    FAS Announcements may be made in English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, with other languages added as needed. Any FAS announcement may be made in multiple languages. Announcement languages are automatically selected based on the destination city for the departing flight/train/bus. When necessary, one additional language may be added to a flight from a 528 Digital Communications Station.

    Additionally if the facility is equipped with the IED 500VIS Visual Information System, the exact text of the announcement is displayed synchronously with the audio on all of the displays in the area of the announcement, and in the languages used with the announcement. So even if customers are outside the gate waiting area or the area is noisy, they can still see an announcement. By adding the IED 500VIS Visual Information System to the FAS, a system can be produced which meets the design requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

    Boarding sequences of FAS announcements can be established in the IED FAS system. This allows the gate agent to play the next message in the sequence with simple next message actions on the mic station (e.g., a soft key on the IED 528 mic station). In addition, sections of the sequence can be played automatically based on a schedule. For example, the Boarding by Rows announcements could go out a defined number of minutes apart, based on the type of aircraft and typical boarding time lines. In addition, the ACS system with FAS installed maintains a log of who initiates what FAS messages and from what location.

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