AC Sequence Controller and Monitor

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    The ECS-6RM modular system has been designed to meet most installation requirements for AC power distribution, equipment power conditioning and surge suppression protection. The compact 1 RU unit features six sequential timing sections that can be activated via the unit, or remotely. Up to three ECS-6RM units can be daisy chained together with independent trigger timing settings giving you a total of 18 sequence triggered outlets. The ECS-6RM unit is the activation controller/monitor portion of the system and requires a 120V AC Mains ECM (Electrical Controlled Module) module for each triggered output. A variety of remote ECM AC modules are available to meet different installation requirements.

    The ECS-6RM can also monitor up to six independent 20A AC main lines, both voltage and current readings can be viewed via the laboratory grade meters on the front panel. The ECS-6RM has built in intelligence that monitors the AC lines and will inform you of potentially damaging voltages.

    The ECS-6RM also features 6 sequenced independent relay contacts. The activation of the contacts work in parallel of the corresponding ECM triggered outputs. Activation can be done via the Front panel momentary switch, RMT V input (5-24VDC), External switch, or via the optional Remote ECS-KSW6 key switch. The ECS-KSW6 can be placed up to 1000 ft away from the ECS-6RM and will also indicate if an ECM is activated or if a fault condition has occurred on one or all six channels.

    • Six Sequencer Timing Sections, 1, 3, or 6 Second Intervals
    • Six Independent ECM Connections
    • Six Independent Contact Closures
    • Front Panel Digital AC Mains Voltage and Current Meter
    • External Switch Sequence Trigger Activation
    • External DCV Sequence Trigger Activation 5-24VDC
    • Abnormal AC Line Voltage Indicator
    • Front & Rear XLR Connector for 12VDC Gooseneck LED Lamp (AP-GNL18)

    Sequencer Sections 6
    Light XLR Socket to Provide 12VDC for Optional 16" Gooseneck Lamp AP-GNL18
    Sequence Timing Unit Settings of 1, 3 or 6 Seconds
    Power Supply External Wide Rage 100V–240VAC, UL Approval
    Power Consumption .8 Watts
    RoHS Compliant Yes
    LED Light Switch Two Position On/Off
    Activation Switch Momentary
    AC Mains Voltmeter Three Digits Digital
    Indicators System On, External Trigger Mode, Slave Mode
    Remote Activation Trigger 5-24VDC Continuous 10 mA, Switch Contacts, Euro/Phoenix Type Connector
    Height 1.75" (44.45mm)
    Width 19" (482.6mm)
    Depth 10" (254mm)
    Warranty Period 12 months from date of purchase

    ECS-6RM Owners Manual (28 pages) ECS-6RM Owners Manual (28 pages)
    ECS-6RM Datasheet (1 page) ECS-6RM Datasheet (1 page)
    ECM-RACEWY6, ECS-6RM, ECM Modules (2 pages) ECM-RACEWY6, ECS-6RM, ECM Modules (2 pages)