If Time Is Money, How Can I Save and Make More?


Time is arguably the most valuable commodity in the world. It never seems like we have enough time for work, family, and other things we want to do. Time is increasingly important to integrators, as any speed that can be gained during a system installation is bonus time for the integrator. Where can integrators save time? 

An integrator can save time at the very beginning of a project simply by choosing the correct products to meet the customer's expectations and code requirements. If you choose speakers that aren't loud enough or that don't meet code, you can spend all that time installing them just to remove them and reinstall the correct speakers, most likely at your own expense. That is a waste of time and money. AtlasIED offers design services to ensure proper planning of your project from the beginning. Our professional system designers can tell you exactly what products to use and where to place them to get maximum performance. Best of all, this is a free service available to all AtlasIED integrators so why not use it?

Another way to save time is to choose components of the system that install quickly and easily. AtlasIED spent three years perfecting a speaker mounting system that is designed to be quick and easy. The FAP Strategy III Series speakers use a technology called Safety First Mounting System (SFMS) that enables an integrator to lock the mounting doglegs on an in-ceiling speaker without using a drill or screwdriver. The speaker can be installed in a matter of seconds. Click the video below to learn more about this patented SFMS technology.

 Troubleshooting a system problem can be another drain on an integrators time. A system may seem like it is working perfectly, only to have the amplifier fail after a couple of weeks. If not properly diagnosed, you can swap amplifiers three or four times before you may realize that the problem all along is a speaker that was setup incorrectly that is causing the amplifier to fail.  Once you realize it is a speaker or wiring problem, you then have to climb up and down a ladder to check each speaker before the problem is fixed. That is a huge waste of time. The Push Here Diagnostic (PHD) feature on AtlasIED AAPHD amplifiers is another integrated technology designed to catch these installation mishaps before they become a real problem. Click the video below to learn more about this AtlasIED only technology. 

It is impossible to add more time to your day so you have to find ways to maximize your time where possible and get the most out of each day. Choosing the right partner and the right products can go along way to ensuring you are maximizing your time at work so can enjoy more time doing the other things you love to do.