10" AS Series Surface Mount Speaker

AS-10T-B Front View
10" AS Series Surface Mount, Passive, Black
AS-10T-W Front View
10" AS Series Surface Mount, Passive, White
  • 70V100VCAPABLE
  • 8Ω Capable
  • IP55
  • UV Resistant

    The AS-10T is an all-weather commercial surface mount speaker that offers nearly every installation what is needed to impress. Every detail of the loudspeaker was meticulously thought out to produce a product that both looks and sounds amazing. Whether the intended source content is vocal or instrument the AS-10T handles it with sonic clarity that our customers have come to expect.

    The acoustic design of the AS-10T provides even coverage thanks to model specific meticulously designed wave guides. Hours upon hours of listening tests along with laboratory testing have combined to produce the best acoustic performing surface mount loudspeakers AtlasIED has produced to date. One of the secrets of the fantastic performance of the AS-10T is the transformer design. When used in 70/100V systems many competitors fall flat. The transformer in the AS-10T has been optimized for both efficiency and flatness in the most imported frequency regions of both speech and music.

    The AS-10T can be mounted just about anywhere. The included C-bracket allows for an easy installation and provides preset adjustment angles to give piece of mind that both consistency and accuracy will be achieved.

    Surface mount speakers are often placed in some of the harshest environments where sound reinforcement is needed. The AS-10T has been designed to meet the most hostile weather conditions that can be thrown at it. Whether it’s rain, snow, a high humidity environment, or a high UV location the AS-10T with its IPXX rating can be installed with confidence that it will perform for years to come.

    • Modern industrial design
    • Color matched C-bracket with hardware covers
    • High efficiency 120W transformer
    • Universal mount available
    • VESA mount compatible
    • 10" woofer with compression driver
    • ABS enclosure with UV inhibitor
    • Powder coated aluminum grill