10" AS Series Surface Mount Subwoofer

AS-10ST-B Front View
10" AS Series Surface Mount Subwoofer, Passive, Black
AS-10ST-W Front View
10" AS Series Surface Mount Subwoofer, Passive, White
  • 70V100VCAPABLE
  • 8Ω Capable
  • IP55
  • UV Resistant

    The AS-10ST is a powerful subwoofer designed to complement and enhance the audio experience when paired with other AS Series loudspeakers. Meticulously engineered for optimal sound reproduction, the AS-10ST utilizes advanced acoustic design techniques to ensure precise and impactful bass response that perfectly complements the performance of the AS Series loudspeakers. When used in conjunction with these speakers, the AS-10ST delivers a truly immersive and well-balanced audio experience.

    Designed for seamless integration, the AS-10ST offers flexible placement options to accommodate any setup. Its compact size allows for easy positioning in any location using the included C-bracket.

    Built to withstand the demands of long-term use, the AS-10ST exhibits robust build quality and durability. Its high-quality components and construction guarantee reliable performance. Experience powerful, distortion-free bass that augments the performance of your AS Series loudspeakers.

    Engineered to excel in any environment, the AS-10ST is constructed to deliver exceptional performance when paired with other AS Series loudspeakers. Its rugged build and premier materials ensure resilience against the rigors of everyday use. Unleash the full potential of your audio system to elevate your listening experience.

    • Modern industrial design
    • Color matched C-bracket with hardware covers
    • High efficiency 200W transformer
    • ABS enclosure with UV inhibitor
    • Powder coated aluminum grill