Digitally Steerable, Multichannel Column Array Loudspeaker


    In the most challenging acoustical environments – whether in vast modern passenger terminals, or traditional houses of worship – AtlasIED Aimline loudspeakers precisely control directivity in the vertical axis, resulting in optimal coverage and the best possible direct-to-reverberant ratio, for enhanced intelligibility. Acoustic output is precisely aimed where it needs to be delivered, to the audience, significantly reducing reflections from hard surfaces.

    The AtlasIED ALX-D range comprises digitally steerable, multichannel array loudspeaker systems for the commercial installation market. Designed for applications with problematic acoustics, the combination of advanced steering algorithms, powerful DSP, and efficient amplification gives the system designer a unique set of tools for controlling sound in large, acoustically challenging, highly reverberant spaces.

    With IP connectivity and Dante as standard, ALX-D negates the need for cumbersome external interfaces and network bridges normally associated with existing digital beam steering offerings. Each transducer has its own DSP and amplifier channel resulting in the ability to tailor beams in very granular increments and allow acute steering capability. To further optimize venue coverage and performance, the acoustic center can be adjusted over the entirety of the column length, and independent split beams can be deployed if necessary.

    Each of the seven ALX-D models are made up of identical modules to create arrays of up to 4.8m (16ft) in length. This avoids the need to ship and receive long columns.

    The software is fully integrated allowing real time control, telemetry and beam steering optimization, all in a single software package. All configuration and addressing functions are fully automatic. Interoperability with AtlasIED GCK advanced notification application software allows the ALX-D series to integrate as part of the AtlasIED GLOBALCOM ecosystem.

    For applications where critical messaging is paramount, we must provide the features required to meet worldwide legislative and safety standards. AtlasIED Aimline Series is designed for use in emergency sound systems, providing the most resolute telemetry and protection of any digital beam-steering product. Very clear and intelligible messages are critical; it is vitally important that the message is clearly understood the first time, for both instructional and emergency scenarios in public buildings and transportation hubs.

    The diminutive narrow cabinet and discreet mounting hardware will seamlessly blend into the most architecturally sensitive spaces, inside or outside.

    • Integrated cutting-edge DSP, network control and amplification
    • Architecturally friendly – Compact slender enclosure
    • Superior intelligibility in complex acoustical environments
    • Scalable & modular
    • Very even SPL distribution over large areas
    • Each driver has dedicated amplifier/DSP channels
    • IP network (no cumbersome external interfaces)
    • Dante, AES/EBU, Analog as standard
    • Multibeam capability
    • Real-time control with integrated steering and control software
    • Instantaneous upload of steering coefficients
    • Extremely low latency
    • Adjustable acoustic center of beams
    • Full diagnostics and reporting
    • Interoperability with AtlasIED GCK - Advanced Notification Application
    • 24 Presets
    • Fewer installation/maintenance points than conventional distributed
    • External control via UDP commands
    • Corrosion free aluminum construction
    • IP65 Rated

    • Transportation hubs
    • Traditional houses of worship
    • Museums
    • Retail spaces and concourses
    • Government buildings
    • Lecture theatres
    • Conference facilities
    • Hotel ballrooms
    • Corporate HQ atria