Fohhn Line Source with 16 1" Drivers with 16 Channel Amplification and Integrated DSP - Black


    High performance, high frequency module with beam steering technology, equipped with 16 neodymium 1” compression drivers with Waveguide / horn system.

    16 state-of-the-art Class D amplifiers are also integrated, as well as a specially developed 8-channel DSP processor for beam steering capability. The speaker can reach a maximum SPL of 148dB / 1 metre. Its vertical beam width (0°-90°) and sound inclination angle (-40°/+40°) can be adjusted in real time, in 0.1°; increments, using Fohhn Audio Soft control software. This ultra-fine degree of adjustment enables the speaker beam to be targeted with extreme precision towards the required audience area.

    The speaker output can be split into two separate beams (Fohhn Two Beam Technology), enabling simultaneous coverage of different areas such as stalls and balcony. A further feature is Fohhn’s Side Lobe Free technology. This algorithm is designed to suppress the unwanted side lobes that inevitably occur with line arrays, resulting in greatly improved speech intelligibility.

    The elegant speaker housing is constructed from premium quality multi-ply birch wood. Speaker drivers and electronics are protected by a steel front grille, backed by acoustic foam, specially designed to give maximum sound transparency.

    Two or more Focus Modular units can be securely combined in seconds using Fohhn’s own Quick-Lock system. Flying mechanics can also be secured using Quick-Lock. Optional brackets for ceiling and wall mounting, and also for flown applications, are separately available. CAAD simulation data for EASE is available on request.

    The FMI-110 fixed installation model is also equipped with important features that enable its integration into emergency evacuation systems (in accordance with EN60849 requirements). The connector panel has a protective cover with slots to accommodate cabling.

    • High performance low-mid module (SPL max: 148dB)
      High performance low-mid module (SPL max: 148dB)
    • Powerful, musical sound
    • Real-time beam steering via intuitive software
    • Ultra-fine adjustment of loudspeaker beams in 0.1° increments
    • Vertical beam width 0°-90°
    • Vertical sound inclination angle -40° to +40°
    • Side Lobe Free Technology – suppresses side lobes
    • Two Beam Technology – two separate beams per module
    • Suitable for mobile and fixed installation applications
    • Excellent speech intelligibility, even in reverberant acoustics

    Amplifier Power 120-Watts x 16
    Frequency Response 1kHz - 17kHz
    Signal to Noise Ratio >105 dB/A
    Vertical Dispersion 0° - 90°
    Horizontal Dispersion 90°
    Power Consumption 10W Standby, 800W Max
    Temperature Range 0° - 40°C
    Height 50.6" (1285mm)
    Depth 10.79" (274mm)
    Width 8.82" (224mm)
    Weight Approx~85.8 lbs. (39kg)
    Warranty Period 24 months from date of purchase

    FOHHN Net Configuration (1 page) FOHHN Net Configuration (1 page)
    FOHHN AudioSoft Software 4.0.1 FOHHN AudioSoft Software 4.0.1
    FOHHN AudioSoft Software Manual (51 pages) FOHHN AudioSoft Software Manual (51 pages)
    FOHHN_Modular_Focus_Data_Sheet_and_Brochure (27 pages) FOHHN_Modular_Focus_Data_Sheet_and_Brochure (27 pages)
    FOHHN AudioSoft Software 5.0.3 FOHHN AudioSoft Software 5.0.3