3-Way Stadium Horn Speaker with 40° x 20° Coverage Pattern

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  • IP54

    The AtlasIED AH42-212-BSG stadium horn is designed to deliver high sound pressure levels and high intelligibility across wide areas in directional sound applications.  Each speaker system consists of a UV-resistant fiberglass enclosure and three-stage, corrosion resistant steel mesh filtering system that make them highly weather and pest resistant.  Each model features a three way design with dual 12" woofers, a 1.5" exit compression midrange driver and a 1" exit high frequency compression driver that combine to provide 750 watts RMS power handling in full range mode.>

    A specially designed crossover provides frequency division and extensive driver protection for each band pass. All models are 8Ω impedance and can be easily bi-amped (LF/MF+HF) by removing the exterior jumper for use with high-powered systems where greater system control and protection is required (Atlas Model ASP-MG24 speaker controller is recommended for these applications). Suspension mounting is facilitated via multiple forged eyebolts.

    Learn more about the importance of protecting paging horns from low frequency damage and view the unit designed specifically to protect horns from low frequency damage.


    • 3 Way Design
    • High Pass Single 1" High Frequency Exit Compression Driver
    • Single 1.5" Midrange Exit Compression Driver
    • Low Pass Dual 12" Cast Frame Woofers
    • 750 Watts RMS Power Handling (Full Range)
    • Weather Resistant Connection Via a Convenient Recessed Terminal Block Located on the Bottom of the Loudspeaker
    • 8Ω Nominal Impedance
    • Seven, 10mm Internally Reinforced Forged Eyebolts Included for Suspended Installation


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