Angled Enclosure for IP Addressable Speakers with Displays

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  • CETL

    Angled enclosure designed for use only with AtlasIED speaker system models IP-8SCM, IP-SDM, IP-SDMF, IP-SDH , IP-SDM, and IP-SDMFLED. The angled front design allows for directional sound dispersion. The enclosure is constructed of 20-gauge CRS and finished in textured white epoxy.

    • Specifically Designed for Optimum Performance and Installation Ease
    • Works with AtlasIED Loudspeaker System Models IP-8SCM, IP-SM, IP-SDM, IP-SDMF, IP-SDMFLED, IP-SDH, I8SC+, I8SCM+, I8SCH+, I8SCF+, and I8SCMF+
    • ETL Certified, Safety Listed to UL60950-1

    Height 14.41" (366mm)
    Width 13.00" (330mm)
    Top Depth 5" (127mm)
    Bottom Depth 2.5" (64mm)
    Warranty Period 60 months from date of purchase

    SEA SERIES Revit Drawing SEA SERIES Revit Drawing
    IPX Enclosures Data Sheet (2 pages) IPX Enclosures Data Sheet (2 pages)