8 inch Square Hole T-Bar Bridge

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    The 81-8S is designed to mount 8" speakers and has a square cut-out with a multi-position hole pattern to accommodate an extensive variety of round and square baffles including torsion spring and screw mount models.

    Adaptability of the 81-8S also makes it ideal as a stocking item.

    Constructed of 24-gauge CRS with an electrogalvanized rust-resistant finish.

    • Load-Bearing Bridges Eliminate Ceiling Tile Sag by Distributing Assembly Weight to Ceiling's Support System
    • Locating Tabs Secure the Enclosure to Tile Bridge for Easy In-Ceiling Installation of Speakers and Grilles
    • Rust-Resistant 24-Gauge Electrogalvanized Steel Construction Ensures Long Service Life

    Height 14 1/8" (35.8775 cm)
    Width 23 5/8" (60.0075 cm)
    Shipping Weight 2.00 lbs (0.91 kgs)
    Mounts 51-8, T51-8, 60-8(W), T60-8(W), 61-8W, T61-8W, (T)62-8, 63-8, 67-8(W), 68-8W, 161-8, T161-8, 164-8, T164-8, 169-8, 170-8, M222(W), TM222W, T620-8 T610-8W, T710-8, T720-8A, P900, P910, P912
    Warranty Period 60 months from date of purchase

    81-8R Data Sheet (1 page) 81-8R Data Sheet (1 page)
    81 Series Datasheet (1 page) 81 Series Datasheet (1 page)
    81-8S Install Sheet (1 page) 81-8S Install Sheet (1 page)