16 Port Class A Loop Interface


    The 1516ALI (or 1516BLI) is a device that provides Class A (or Class B) speaker loop wiring support and supervision between an IED integrated amplifier system such as the Titan T9160, T112 or DNA2404C/D, and looped speaker field wiring. This device provides several functions:

    • Provides connections for both the “outbound” and return or “inbound” portion of the speaker loop.
    • Supervises the loop and indicates a fault when the loop is broken*
    • Delivers audio on both branches of the loop to provide failsafe operation after a loop is broken (1516ALI only).

    The 1516ALI (1516BLI) provides interfaces for up to 16 Class A (Class B) speaker loops. Typically this represents 16 amplifier channels, but it is possible to wire one amplifier channel to drive more than one speaker loop, if that is how the facility wiring is arranged and the load presented by the multiple loops are compatible with the amplifier’s capacity. Loop faults are indicated via yellow LEDs on the 1516ALI/1516BLI unit and are reported over the network to an AtlasIED GLOBALCOM® system. Faults can be disabled via 2-pin jumpers on unused loop interfaces.

    The 1516ALI/1516BLI can be entirely powered over the network via power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af compliant PoE). Or, if PoE is not available, the unit may be powered from an external 48V supply. Since, externally/physically the 1516ALI and 1516BLI are identical the descriptions which follow will only show/discuss the one product, the 1516ALI, for simplicity.

    * Special Note: In order to detect a break in either wire of a loop, it is necessary to install speakers with DC blocking capacitors. Without such speakers/capacitors, the 1516ALI/1516BLI can only detect a fault when the whole loop cable is severed.

    1516ALI and 1516BLI Installation Instructions (20 pages) 1516ALI and 1516BLI Installation Instructions (20 pages)