PoE+ IP Addressable IP-to-Analog Gateway

  • CETL
  • G.722 Capable
  • GCK Optimized
  • Network Ready
  • PoE Enabled
  • G.711 Capable
  • InformaCast Compatible
  • SA-Announce Compatible
  • Powered


    AtlasIED IP-to-analog gateways are perfect for connecting your unified communication platform to off network analog third party systems, including, but not limited to, sending notifications to analog overhead paging, trigger or be triggered by access-control systems, assist to fire alarm, and two-way audio support for video-surveillance, simply plug and play

    AtlasIED ZCM-V2+ registers as a communication endpoint directly within InformaCast, and SA-Announce Advanced Notification applications, supporting audio broadcast to enhance physical security while improving day-to-day communications through advanced alerting, bell schedules, pre-recorded, & scheduled announcements, while leveraging the WAN/LAN Network Architecture. 

    When used within a Cisco Environment, these same IP loudspeakers from AtlasIED can join Cisco’s Unified Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRST) as a supported device within SRST endpoint Architecture. Cisco’s SRST provides remote location call-processing redundancy when access to the centralized Cisco Unified Communications Manager is interrupted because of a WAN outage. The ability of LAN communication between any combination of phones and loudspeakers is particularly critical during an emergency (which may be the actual cause of the WAN outage).

    Where 3rd party notification applications are not required, the ZCM-V2+ IP–to–Analog Gateways can register as SIP devices directly to a SIP server or VoIP Communications Manager for critical alerts /public address applications.

    Mounting hardware PA702-RMK can accommodate one or two units mounted side by side.


    The ZCM-V2+ from AtlasIED consist of a factory assembled PCB control board housed in a rugged and compact 1RU chassis. The unit provides the same addressable end point functionality as an IP loudspeaker or IP phone with the convenience of line level and amplified audio output. This line level output is ideal for use with AtlasIED AA, PA, or CP series amplifiers to power large zones of traditional 25V, 70.7V, or 100V AtlasIED loudspeakers or paging horn loudspeakers.

    In addition to the line level output, the ZCM-V2+ provides 2-channels of 15-Watt RMS at 8-ohm or, 70.7V amplified output to drive a small cluster of analog loudspeakers. It also includes 2 GPI Inputs, 1 GPI Output and Microphone input for talk back or listen applications.

    The ZCM-V2+ features include Auto-provisioning and auto-registration. This is an easy and timesaving way to configure our IP loudspeakers on your Voice VLAN, similar to a VoIP handset. By sitting on the same VLAN, both VoIP phones and IP loudspeakers share the same Quality of Service (QoS) so communications are always secure and guaranteed.

    Network Features
    Dynamic or Static IP Address
    IEEE802.3 10/100Base-T Ethernet
    IEEE 802.1q Tagging
    IEEE 802.11AT Compliant

    VoIP Standard Audio: G.711 u-law/a-law (64 kbit/s) or G.722 Wideband Audio (64 kbit/s)

    Auto Provisioning: DHCP Option 66, 150, or TFTP Server or DHCP Option 72 for HTTP Server
    Auto Registration: SLP for InformaCast or DHCP Option 72 for SA-Announce or GCK
    Static Configuration: HTTP GUI for Static Configuration or Cisco SRST
    Audio Features
    Integrated Amplifier 15-Watt Total Power: Primary Speaker Output 8 ohm
    Aux Audio Line-In Unbalanced (2.8Vpp 10K)
    Aux Audio Line-Out Unbalanced (2.8Vpp 10K)
    Additional Features
    2 General Purpose Inputs
    1 General Purpose Output (2A @ 30 VDC)
    Phone/Night Loud Ringer
    External Power Supply Option
    Power Rating 9 Watts RMS into an 8Ω Load w/ 12VDC Input
    Inputs RJ-45 Female on PCB
    Outputs 600Ω, 8Ω, 25V, or 70.7V
    Power Source IEEE 802.3af Compliant POE Network Switches / Local 12VDC - 18VDC PSU
    Network Control Multicast Enabled Networks
    Sample Rate 50V @ 500mA Max
    Input Minimum 1mA to Run on 50V Max
    Rack Units 1RU
    Height 1.75" (45mm)
    Width 8" (203mm)
    Depth 10" (254mm)
    Data Sheet
    ZCM-V2+T Data Sheet (5 pages)
    Installation Sheet
    ATS005313 ZCM-V2+ Install Sheet (4 pages)
    Firmware change log
    Firmware version 12.16.3-7
    Firmware version 12.18.01
    Firmware version 12.20.00
    Firmware version 12.21.03