Wireless Enhanced Sound Masking Activation Sign for Z2-B & Z4-B

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    The AtlasIED Z-Sign is a wireless transceiver used with the Z Series Z2 & Z4 base units to remotely activate the Z Series Speech Privacy Enhancement mode for applications where secure speech privacy is required. The Z-SIGN also visually indicates when the room is in Speech Privacy Enhancement mode. The optional Z-SIGN can be mounted on a wall or placed on a desk. The Z-SIGN can be powered via rechargeable batteries or by a 5V DC power supply. The Z-SIGN can be used in three different operations. The most common use for the Z-SIGN is to be used as a wireless switch to activate the Speech Privacy Enhancement mode in a Z Series unit.This application also serves as visual indicator to see if speech privacy is engaged. The Z-SIGN can also be used strictly as a visual indicator with the activation button being disabled. In this application, it is common for the Z-SIGN to be used as a second or third visual indicator in a meeting room. Finally, the Z-SIGN can be used as a data transmission / receiving conduit between a mobile device and a Z Series unit. The Z-SIGN incorporates BLE communication technology for pairing to a mobile device for short distance data communication (not streaming audio), and uses 915MHz ISM Band to transmit longer distances to a Z Series unit. The Z Series mobile app is needed for this function. Using the mobile app with a Z-SIGN allows for mobile control of the Z Series unit and status of the Z System.

    • Wireless Enhanced Speech Privacy Remote Activation

    • Enhanced Speech Privacy Visual Indicator
    • Over 100ft Transmission Distances via 915 MHz ISM Band
    • Bluetooth BLE Integration with iOS/Android App

    • Provides Long Range Setups and Adjustments of Z Series Base with App

    • Pair up to 10 Z-SIGNS with Z Series Base Unit

    • Can be Used as a Sign Only

    • Can be Wall Mounted or Placed on Desktop

    • Out of Range Indication

    • Low Battery Indication

    • Brightness Adjustment

    • Battery Saving Operating Modes

    • Rechargeable Batteries Included


    DfuSe_Demo_V3.0.4_Setup DfuSe_Demo_V3.0.4_Setup
    Z-Sign_V1_68.dfu Z-Sign_V1_68.dfu
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