Wall Mount Shelf / Enclosure System - Finished in Neutral White (#592)

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    AtlasIED Model WME150 wall mount shelves are perfect for limited-access of electronic equipment in convenience food stores, restaurants, audio/video control rooms, educational and institutional facilities, auditoriums, stadiums, or venues where the convenience of locking security or open access and wall mounting of equipment is desired. The enclosure wall mounts on 16" centers. Finished in standard -592 neutral white textured powder coat paint.

    Shipped "Knocked Down", but easlily assembled in the field.

    Assembles Quickly with Hand Tools
    Locking Front Door
    Neutral White Finish
    Versatile Enclosure for Securing Electronic Equipment
    Color Neutral White
    Height 16 1/2" (41.91 cm)
    Width 21" (53.34 cm)
    Shipping Weight 36.00 lbs (16.33 kgs)
    DSWME150 (2 pages)
    CAD Drawing