10RU High Strength Wall Cabinet with Adjustable Rails, 23.5 inch Deep

  • UL Listed
  • TAA
  • BAA


    Front Door Optional  


    The WMA Series wall cabinets are 16-gauge, welded with 18" deep center-section and adjustable mounting rails, and a 4 1⁄2" deep rear section. Panel space openings range from 10 RU to 35 RU. Cabinets are equipped with provisions for custom cabinet mounting, wire man­agement, equipment mounting, and structural support.


    Cabinets are finished in a black electrostatic powder coat.


    All models include adjustable front rack rails tapped 10-32, and manufactured to standard E.I.A. 1⁄2" spacing. Hat channels provide adjustable rack rail support with securing holes for fixed positioning of rails. Top and Bottom removable 3RU panels are located in the center section of the cabinet for EFP Series fan panels for further ventilation or for isolation panels for power.


    The back face of the rear section is equipped with 1⁄4" deep boss detents which give Contractors field flexibility to install a custom plywood, aluminum, or steel sub-plate for mounting accessories inside the cabinet. Boss detents are on 12" centers. The rear section provides an interchangeable Right or Left hand cylinder lock for security.


    The cabinets have 16 conduit knockouts on the top of the rear section and 16 on the bottom of the rear section. Knockouts consist of two 1/2" (12.7mm) standard, three 1" (25mm) / 1 3/8" (34.9mm) concentric and four 1⁄2" (13mm) / 3⁄4" (19mm) concentric.


    Perforated vents, located on both sides (top and bottom) of the center section, provide ventilation for rack-mounted electronics.


    The cabinets offer a non-sagging design. The units' one-piece front and rear sections are strengthened with an internal alignment frame that supports the center section of the cabinet through its entire travel range.


    An optional caster for carrying the weight of the center sections is available (Atlas CT31A).

    12.5" x 12.5" Cut-Out on Back Pan Allows Easy Cable Access Through Mounting Surface
    Back Pan Includes Raised Mounting Embosses to Mount Power and Other Accessories
    Back Pan Now Boxed Separately on the Same Pallet with Center Section Allows Contractor to Send Rear Section to Job Site for Installation by Other Trades
    Exclusive, Integral Atlas Sound "Alignment Frame" Provides Support Throughout the Complete Center Section
    Extensive Internal Bracing Also Provides Cable Management/Pass Through
    Finished in Durable Black Electrostatic Powder Coat
    Mirror Image Back Pan Allows Left or Right Hinging of Center Section Regardless of Orientation
    Multiple Knockouts Top and Bottom of Rear Section for Conduit & Wireless Antennas
    New Side Lock Security System Provides an Easy Yet Secure Method of Joining Center Section to Back Pan
    New, Continuous Slot "Hat Action" Design Allows Full Front to Back Adjustment of Rails. Securing Holes Top and Bottom Provide Fixed Positioning of Rails.
    New, Secure and Innovative Design Greatly Simplifies Process of Mounting Center Section to Rear Pan - May be Safely Installed by One Person
    Rails Include Hash Marks to Indicate Rack Increments
    Ships with One Set of Plated Rack Rails and (100) 10/32 x .75" Rack Screws with Captive Washers. "Optional Rear Rack Rail Pair Model WMA-RRxx(Height Per Model) Also Available"
    Top and Bottom cutouts for Atlas Sound ES Series Single or Dual Fan Panels (Ships with 3RU Blank Panels Installed)
    UL 1678 Listed
    Rack Units 10
    Height 23 1/8" (58.74 cm)
    Width 21 7/8" (55.56 cm)
    Depth 23 1/2"(59.84 cm)
    Center Section Depth 18"
    Shipping Weight 106.00 lbs (48.08 kgs)
    Safety Listed 1678
    A & E Specifications
    All Racks AE Specs Only
    Data Sheet
    WMA_Series_Racks_Data-1 (3 pages)
    Installation Sheet
    ATS004389_WMA_Cabinets_Install_Sheet (2 pages)
    CAD Drawing