Environment Resistant Voice/Tone Compression Driver with 15-Watt 25V Transformer

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  • UL Listed
  • IP56

    AtlasIED VTB Series Models are UL recognized environment-resistant speakers designed for intercom communication. VTB Models feature an integral exponential horn to provide reliable sound distribution and optimum intelligibility for the reproduction of voice and/or electric tone signals. Units have a frequency response of 600Hz - 55kHz, and are offered in six models to meet application requirements. Series Models VTB-1 and VTB-2 are 8 and 4 ohm units, respectively. Models VTB-3 through VTB-6 are equipped with a built-in transformer. Termination is via 6" color coded leads. Units are of die-cast zinc construction with a water-sealed driver that will withstand moisture, corrosion, vibration, vermin, and vandalism. Models are available with a selection of multi-tap transformers and are designed to mount a variety of standard or custom housings and face plates to meet installation and application requirements. VTB Series units provide years of trouble-free service in stationary or mobile applications both indoors or outdoors.

    • 25 V
    • Communications, Intercom, Electronic Alarm, and Monitoring Systems
    • High Efficiency Compression Driver for Optimum Audio Intelligibility
    • Metal Die-Cast Construction with Integral Exponential Horn
    • Operates Within a Temperature Range of -30° F to 150° F
    • Patented Voice/Tone Loudspeaker for Custom Application in High Efficiency Industrial
    • Selection of five Models; 2 or 15 Watts, 4 or 8 Ohms, 25V or 70.7V Transformers
    • UL-Recognized Speaker Component
    • Water/Moisture, Corrosion, Dust, Vibration, and Vermin-Resistant
    • UL Certified, Safety Listed to UL1480

    Frequency Response 600Hz - 5.5kHz
    Sensitivity 96.9dB (1W/1m)
    Power Handling 15W (70.7V)
    Safety Listed UL 1480
    Height 3 11/16" (9.36752 cm)
    Depth 3 3/16" (8.09752 cm)
    Shipping Weight 2.40 lbs (1.09 kgs)
    Warranty Period 60 months from date of purchase

    VTB Series Datasheet (3 pages) VTB Series Datasheet (3 pages)