Recessed Circular Vandal Proof Baffle for 8" Speakers and Select Horn Speakers

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  • UL Listed
  • BAA
  • TAA
  • Vandal Proof

    Model VP60R. Reinforced, protective baffle assembly provides tamperproof recessed installation of a standard 8" cone speaker or an APF Series re-entrant horn. Horn installation requires adapter plate Model FAMT-6.

    Trim ring is cast from aluminum alloy with a tensile strength of 44,000 P.S.I. and features a 3/4" shielding collar to protect the speaker from bashing.

    The speaker securely mounts to welded studs behind a perforated 22-gauge CRS plate which is then protected by a stainless steel-woven wire-mesh screen positioned 3/8" in front of the plate for direct impact protection. The mesh screen is reinforced by a thick bead of sealant on the inside to protect it against tearing or bending. Rugged unit installs via tamperproof heat-treated alloy screws (special wrench supplied) to specified enclosures. Mounting holes are countersunk for added security.

    Finish is satin aluminum with an acrylic coating.

    • Meets Varying Application and Aesthetic Requirements
    • Special Aluminum Alloy Construction Provides Twice the Strength of Conventional Cast Aluminum Baffles
    • Tamperproof Protection for Cone Loudspeakers and Re-Entrant Horns

    Depth 1" (2.54 cm)
    Diameter 12 3/4" (32.385 cm)
    Shipping Weight 3.13 lbs (1.42 kgs)
    Safety Listed 1480
    Warranty Period 60 months from date of purchase

    Recessed Vandal-Proof Baffles Datasheet (2 pages) Recessed Vandal-Proof Baffles Datasheet (2 pages)