8" Loudspeaker with 4-Watt 25V/70V Transformer and Vandal Resistant Baffle

  • Vandal Proof

    Designed specifically for installations that may be targeted by vandals, the VP14 system from AtlasIED provides highly intelligible speech reinforcement with the added benefit of extreme ruggedness. To address division of labor requirements VP components are ordered separately.

    The VP14MB vandal resistant slanted wall mount baffle, finished in attractive, neutral beige, is ideal for use in high-security areas such as schools and correctional facilities. It’s sturdy, 14-gauge baffle construction and specially designed protective labyrinth screen protects the enclosed loudspeaker assembly against abuse. Each package contains a high-quality 8" diameter loudspeaker with a 10-ounce ceramic magnet and pre-assembled 25V/70.7V transformer with five power taps terminated to a euro block style connector. This connector includes 3 empty blocks to allow through connection of other devices such as call switches or intercom phones without the need for wire nuts.

    9.5° Sloped Design Offers Directional Sound Projection
    Attractive Design is Suitable for Use in a Variety of Surface-Mount Vandal Proof Applications
    Beige Finish
    Durable All-Steel Construction
    Impermeable Security Grille Protects Speaker
    Includes High-Quality 8" Loudspeaker with 25V/70.7V Line Transformer
    Frequency Response 50Hz - 15kHz
    Power Taps .25, .5, 1, 2, & 4 Watt
    Dispersion 105º
    Height 11 7/16" (29.05125 cm)
    Width 11 3/4" (29.845 cm)
    Shipping Weight 6.20 lbs (2.81 kgs)
    EASE File
    Data Sheet
    VP14MP & VP14ENC Datasheet (2 pages)